Sponsor Welcome: Pretty Please Jewelry (for a great cause!)

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The two best kind of purchases you can make are those that are either a crazy good bargain or one that gives back and helps others. Well, one of my newest sponsors happens to be doing BOTH and I am thrilled to share this new venture with you guys! Pretty Please Jewelry Shop was started by two former Tiffany & Co. employees who wanted to marry their love of jewelry and charitable work.  They operate on a ONE FOR ONE business model where for every piece sold, one will be donated to both local and national women/children related foundations such as Dress for Success, BrightPink.org, NoMore.org., and Boston Children’s Hospital.  And for the month of June they are working with the ONE Fund Boston, a cause near and dear to us here in Boston, giving a little sparkle and joy to women directly affected by the marathon bombings (victims, nurses, first responders, family members of victims, etc.) How wonderful is that?

Not to mention the stuff is adorable, fun and completely affordable. I haven’t seen anything on their site for more than $50! But this is no ordinary online store- they sell their pieces via Facebook, a new phenomenon in the retail industry (read more in this article from Inc. Magazine).  To purchase you need to go to their site, “Like” their page and then visit every Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 8pm when they post their latest selection of offerings. When you see something you like, you comments with your e-mail address and they will e-mail you a PayPal payment request to complete the purchase. Simple as that.

Here are some fun selections from recent sales! I hope you’ll check them out!

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Some styling tips with a few PP items:

These earrings with this adorable halter top!

earrings Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 7.44.41 AM

Or this badass necklace with this equally badass jumpsuit.

10390915_771705839528783_7574627256710684597_n Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 7.53.05 AM

Turquoise beads always look amazing with white summer dresses (just not with those shoes, okay?)

10376374_770573526308681_5356396182913837099_n Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 7.56.30 AM

A pretty mint scarf with a fab perforated tank (BTW, everything on Banana is 40% off today!)

10374885_771695256196508_360216383576808191_n cn8013533



  1. Nice concept for charity. The jewels are nice too. I love when other people give to others, we all need to be more thankful of our blessings and the best way to that is to give to others that are less fortunate.

  2. Pretty jewelry and great concept! Though don’t care for the facebook model – will wait for website!

  3. Erin, I have been following your blog for a long time and I love it! I love your honesty, your mighty fine taste, and the fact that you are really down to earth. I am coming to Boston in the next few months for a short trip, it’s my first time visiting. If you had to choose between a tour of Harvard or a visit to Salem, which would you go for? I would love to do both, but only have time for one. :( I know you’re not a travel agent, but like I said, you have mighty fine taste, so you would know! Thank you!

  4. Love their business concept and LOVE two of the necklaces pictured here, but sadly I will also have to wait for a website to purchase as I do not have a Facebook account.

  5. Brenda,
    Tough call@ Depends on what else you are seeing! If you are seeing a lot of the city, then Salem is a great little day trip (Marblehead too!) Hsrvard is gorgeous, as is Harvard Square though- tough call!

  6. Thank you Erin, for responding to my above question. At least I know that whatever I choose it will be both enjoyable and beautiful!

  7. Amazing conquer! I would like to novice as you modify your blog, how do i join for your weblog website? A profile helped us a satisfactory offer. I have been a small amount recognizable with this a person’s transmit given vivid crystal clear idea

  8. The items are great. But I ordered a necklace from the 6-23-14 Pretty Please sale and it hasn’t shipped yet. So they may not have it really together yet. It’s not like ordering from a regular online retailer.

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