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My Summer Beauty Routine

I wish I could say in summer all I need to look presentable is a swipe of lip gloss and coat of mascara, but I turn 35 in a month and it takes A LOT more than a couple products nowadays. I try to keep it as simple as I can, but when it comes to skincare, makeup and hair I have a bit of an arsenal, as they say.

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Here’s a round-up of all the products I use right now and LOVE.  I hate it when I buy a fun new product and get home and decide it sucks and have to skulk back to Sephora to return it (why does that make me feel like a criminal every time I do it?)  This is my core arsenal that works well for me (but if you have a favorite you are obsessed with PLEASE share! I love finding out people’s favorites!


1. I love the refreshing feel and glow from this Origins Eye Cream.

2. I’m on my second bottle of this Aveeno face cream. Love that it has SPF 30 in it- if I’m going to the beach or spending tons of time in the sun I’ll add this Shiseido face sunscreen underneath. It’s super protective and feels like silk!

3. Gotta bring out the big guns in your thirties- prescription Retinol is a nightly routine. Ask your dermatologist. Over that I massage in some La Mer, I’ve been using it for years and it’s just the plain best at deep moisture.

4. & 5. I am still obsessed with the Shamanuti Charcoal Cleanser and Seaweed Toner. Straight up AWESOME, especially in summer as it wipes every ounce of grime away.

6. Lancome makes the best eye makeup remover.

7. When I’m too lazy to wash my face before bed (I know it’s bad, but you’ve had those nights) these wipes are awesome and I swear DO help you be more radiant. I buy a lot of things that promise “radiance” apparently.

8. I don’t have the time or patience for masks, but this two minute Vitamin C mini-mask is so awesome to do before getting in the shower and takes no time at all.  It does help you get a little glow and fight off sun damage!

9. This BareMinerals gradual face tanner imparts realistic glow you can build and no bad smell.

10. I’ve tried so many others, but I keep coming back to this Urban Decay Naked foundation– it has good-for-your-skin peptides and a glowy, serum-like consistency that covers flaws without looking mask-y. I use color 4.5 in summer and 3.5 in my Casper-white winter state.

11. I’ve posted this before, but this Laura Mercier concealer covers EVERYTHING. Including my stubborn sun spots that keep getting worse. I curse the day I ever baked in the sun/ tanning beds. If anyone wants to get me a birthday present, some lasers pointed in my face’s general direction would be WELCOME.

12. My #1 always must have is Bobbi’s Shimmer Brick in Bronze. I’ve said it 100 times but it bears repeating- genius.

13. As I age my brows aren’t quite as full (still full enough, as you can see, but they need a little fill here and there). Love this skinny tip pencil with built in brush for taming.

14. Just discovered this Dior Palette in Earth Reflections– such good, neutral colors! The light pearly pink is great to wake up the inner corners of your eyes and when traveling this is all you need for daytime AND night looks.

15. I am not a big lip color person, I usually use whatever gloss is kicking around my purse, but this L’Oreal liquid lip color in Molto Mauve is my new favorite! Part balm, part lipstick, part gloss the color is so subtle and natural! Addicted.

16. I tend to stick to powder blushes in summer because creams tend to melt right off- this Tarte 12-Hour blush really does stay all day! Love the Blissful and True Love colors on me personally.

17. Nothing says summer to me like a fresh bottle of Hermes Un Jardin Sur La Nil fragrance– it’s like flowers mixed with a lime-y gin & tonic. I buy a new bottle every year! I swear, it’s the best summer fragrance ever made.

18. Pencil liners also melt in the heat, so I stick with this Laura Mercier cake liner  in the brown color and and use a wet angled brush like this Nars one. Stay put liner!

19. This Tarte mascara makes my lashes HUGE. Love the brush- no clumps. Also rotate in Benefit They’re Real as well.

20. Urban Decay makes the best shimmery, metallic shadows– my favorite summer color is the bronze-y nude “Chase”.

21. I rarely use liquid liner because it tends to look like I’m trying too hard, but this super skinny Tom Ford one is awesome and not costume-y. And it stays PUT.



1. & 2. I know it probably seems like I am being paid by L’Oreal, but I am NOT. I just think they have stepped it up so big time with their product game- especially the haircare.  I still swear by this shampoo and conditioner to mend my damaged hair. It’s so good and acts like much more expensive brands.

3. For a nice summer scalp refresher I adore Malin & Goetz’s Peppermint Shampoo when I feel like my scalp needs to get really clean (dry shampoo build up, anyone? ICK.)

4. I take one of these vitamins everyday and I think it helps a lot with hair growth and health.

5. Another L’Oreal product I love- I work this oil into damp hair mid-shaft to ends.

6.  My beloved Sultra Bombshell curling iron. After I let my hair air dry I take one inch sections of hair and wrap it around the barrel. Turn your head upside down, shake the curls out a little to muss them up and go!

7. I air dry my hair only in the summer, and I love dousing my hair in this non-drying salt spray for body and waves.

8. For volume at the roots, second (or third) day hair or grip before doing an updo this dry spray is the best, best, best!

9. Always finish off with a hit of good old Elnett!


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