Summer In A Bottle

Last summer I spent some time in the Hamptons with a client and she served me a fantastic rose- turns out it was local, from the Hampton’s own Wolffer Estates Vineyard. Since then I’ve been on their e-mail list and when I saw the new release from them, a rose called “Summer in a Bottle” I about flipped. Over the bottle itself! While I’m sure the dry blush wine is delightful, that bottle is insanely great! And I love the name too.  It’s the perfect thing to bring to any summer dinner parties or events.


It inspired me to design a little tabletop scheme based on this fun, flirty bottle design. A mix of graphic black and white with bold floral melamine plates, acrylic glassware and hints of gold it’s cheery and bold, setting the perfect mood for a patio dinner party. (Hint: when using bold plates or tablecloths always keep your flowers one single color to avoid an overpowering look!)

Now how do I find a way to change Massachusetts law to allow the shipping of booze into our state?


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  1. rose season it is! my vino of choice this past weekend. love it all & at very reasonable point points,… a hummm!

  2. This is one of my favorite vineyards to visit from NYC. End up there at least 3x per year and cannot wait to pick up this bottle. The rose from wolffer is really their standout wine!

  3. LOVE THAT BOTTLE!! What a fresh look for an every day product (yup, wine every day!!) franki

  4. Very impressive packaging indeed! It turns out that some wineries are able to ship to Massachusetts. It all depends on their size and classification as a distributor. They are typically small vineyards that use wine clubs rather than relying on large distributors, hence exempted from the law that bans shipping to MA. We have wines shipped from Napa and Sonoma each year through this mechanism. I’m not sure about Wolffer Estates. It could be worth checking in with them.

  5. So glad you posted about “Summer in a Bottle” – my stepmom is so hard to buy a bday gift for—-AND they summer in The Hamptons. A beautiful bottle such as this, will make a PERFECT addition to her gift!!!

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