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Met Gala Recap (at your request!)

I honestly didn’t think a Met Gala recap was in order, but after seeing a handful of comments and messages asking about it I had to. To be concise, I thought overall the fashion was pretty bad. And you always have to keep the “theme” in mind for the Met Gala, but after viewing the gowns on display by Charles James, the night’s honoree, I am not quite sure where all the fug came from.

Shall we start with the best? Okay.

The golden, blinding beauty that is Blake and Ryan wins in all the categories. I mean, look at them! Classic old Hollywood style and the glow of love… you can’t compete with that! Their babies are going to be something to behold…


Also killing it, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. The ruffles could go bad very easily but that insanely sexy side profile (perhaps a smidge too much side-boob, I admit) helps keep it young.  I still think they look fun, beautiful and happy.


Karlie Kloss looks gorgeous…as always!


Not a big fan of Andrew’s tux, but Emma Stone looks ravishing in pink and even though I have had it up to HERE with the crop top trend, this I love. Subtle, sexy and young- just like her. And who says red-heads can’t wear pink?


And we need to address this upfront- Lupita’s first miss. I wish she had worn a dramatic and structured ballgown reminiscent of Charles James- this Prada get-up is so not worthy of her beauty.


Gisele. You should not look so pleased with yourself (even though you do look great). Because you let/made THIS happen to my beloved Tom earlier this week. NO EXCUSES. You never let your husband out in public like this, unless he lost a massive, massive bet and has to pay up via looking like a complete moron in public.


Okay, so some more of the good now that I got that out of my system, some of the more theme appropriate gowns…

This one on Liu Wen is so artistic, drop dead awesome on her and perfect for the evening…but all I could think about was Carrie’s dress for her botched wedding to Big.


Arizona Muse and Stella Tennant killed it in ballgowns in gorgeous bright hues.


Although I do not love Emmy Rossums’s makeup and hair, her Carolina Herrera gown is pretty amazing in a bold, theme-appropriate way!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE how balls to the wall SJP goes for the Met Gala (remember last year’s punk rock look and the unforgettable time she totally rocked everyone’s world with that kilt McQueen number?) I think her choice this year is perfectly Charles James, but I wish that Oscar de la Renta logo was NOT on the train of the gown!


She’s just the coolest though. Respect.


Charlize rarely gets it wrong, and this look was great on her and the design did reference James’ work. Allison Williams also looked GORGEOUS- that dress has the perfect cut for her and the statement necklace and simple hair and makeup are all class.


Some pretty and simple white dresses- just wish Victoria Beckham’s makeup was lighter and brighter.


I didn’t love Beyonce’s look (so so sick of the sheer skirt thing)- Jay-Z looked dashing though!  And how cute are Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy? But her dress made her legs look really short for some reason!?


There is something I really dug about Kate Mara’s look (her hair is kind of amaze too) but something else I can’t quite put my finger on that was a little off- the color perhaps? The fit of the sheer top? Hmmmm.  And I loved this Emilio Pucci dress on the runway- and still love it- but I think it would have been better on Leighton if she had done a more formal updo with statement earrings to offset the slouchy silhouette with something sleeker.


Reese- YES YES YES!!! Amazing! Everyone else- MEH.


Do I even need to say it?

Princess Belle and the Beast

Ok, when the invitation says BALL and the honoree was known for his ball gowns…you wear a long dress. I can’t even begin to list all the things wrong with Elizabeth Olsen’s look- Icecapades dress, mismatched shoes, off-color clutch. It’s the worst of the night I think.  And Michelle Williams, who I worship, looks like she’s going to an office Christmas party, not the Met Ball! No short cocktail dresses for the Met Ball…


Unless you are Rosie Huntington-Whitley in which case you can wear whatever you want because you always look like a super-human alien Barbie at all times and are perfect. (Proof positive: RHW walking through an airport, going to the gym, getting groceries…)


I can’t… so bad. Unflatteringly, horribly bad. Wow.


Equally as awful. Anna could wear anything and this was the pick? As for the situation on the right, I don’t care if it’s Chanel (which it is), it’s bad. A big label doesn’t mean it’s right.


Uhhhhhh, nope. And P.S. Kate Upton looks like she works in a kitchy Texas saloon.


The O twins. Oh ladies, you kind of look like sad Victorian grandmothers in mourning. Such pretty, young girls- wouldn’t it be amazing if they showed up to a red carpet in something fresh, colorful and modern without sleeves?


Any I missed that you loved or hated (there are so many more- I just can’t post them all here for fear of crashing the server!)





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