Fashion Friday: My Favorite Summer Tee!

tshirt Last Sunday I popped into J.Crew for no particular reason at all (as many of us do).  As I was poking around I had t ee shirts on my mind. All my tees look ratty from last year (and some from many years previous) and I really wanted to replenish my stash of the staple. But it seems as of late every t-shirt that looks like it has a good fit is some kind of linen version, which feels and drapes amazing at time of purchase, but cut to me emptying the dryer and finding that I mistakenly dried mine and now it could fit my five year old niece.  I mean, they are tee shirts after all, and it’s so easy to forget that they need to be laid flat to dry (who has the time and mental capacity to recall that when hurrying to get a load of wash done?)  So when I saw J.Crew’s new scoop neck vintage cotton tees I was intrigued. And for good reason. These are the BEST!  The fit is long, lean and with the perfect deep scoop that’s not too racy but not too high either. V-necks always feel too sporty for layering, and crew necks aren’t flattering if you have any kid of bustline. The fabric feels great and the color selection is perfect. Since they were 25% off (and still are with code PACKME ) I bought five! I never do that! Ever! But when you find a good basic that fits perfect and is on sale- you kinda have to. And then you have to share the info! :)

And since my summer is full of construction, travel and spending as much time outside as possible so I’ve already developed a uniform. One of these tees, rolled boyfriend jeans, lace up funky sandals, my satchel (free monogramming and shipping right now) and a cool long necklace (this one reminds me of a vintage one I inherited from Andrew’s grandmother I LOVE) and simple studs (tiny diamonds are a forever classic and I love mine).  In the summer I love to air dry my hair as it’s naturally wavy and it’s so much better for it than heat styling. I am absolutely loving Drybar’s new Salt Spray– it’s less drying than others I’ve tried and really defines my waves, adds a little volume while also kinda keeps frizz  at bay! LOVE IT.  On my toes I’ve been doing orangey-red polish constantly as it looks so good with a light tan AND pale skin! Bring it, summer! uniform

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  1. Thanks again for the great advice, Erin. I really appreciate your shopping posts – I’m loving the concealer and Dior polish you recommended a couple of weeks ago! You’re the best!

  2. I always find that the Jcrew t-shirts rip right where they meet my button on my jeans. Does this happen to anyone else?This still doesn’t keep me from purchasing them, but you gotta get them on sale, since I am always replacing them. I’m all about a summer uniform too! (mine include white jeans)

  3. I love J-Crew t-shirts! I think ridding of old tees every year or two is the way to go.

    I have been looking for the past 6 months for the perfect bag (i think i’ve bought and returned 3 or 4 so far..) and the Gates Satchel is so beautiful! I am going back and forth between satchel and shoulder bag. You mentioned the handles are long enough to go over the shoulder, which would be great! Erin, would you be up for posting a few more pictures here or on instagram of the bag in other positions to help show the size, functionality, and usefulness?

  4. Anne, I certainly can. The bag totally fits over my shoulder (albeit snugly). I really love the size and the ability to carry tons of stuff or very little and have it feel appropriate! I’ll do a post with images of me holding it for you to see- just waiting for a different colorway to arrive so you can see one other than black!

  5. yes, with you here… my fave new Madewell tee w/linen is now two sizes smaller as of course it went thru the dryer! Arggg! Thnxx for the tip on jcrew tees. As I just packed for a long weekend, my last years’ tees (yes, need new ones: maybe there’s a jcrew in Pittsburgh, PA) the top staple & my white boyfriend jeans! Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  6. I live in Austin – your summer uniform is my year-round uniform! Except, I sometimes add an army jacket or cardigan with a scarf in the winter…

    Enjoy the holiday!

  7. I’ve been coveting these shirts from afar for a while, and even moreso once they went on sale. Erin – what’s the sizing like?

  8. I’ve loved the vintage cotton V-neck for about a year now and maybe have to try this cut as well! Mine didn’t shrink much until about 8 or 9 months of regular use & washings. I also picked up the vintage cotton tanks and will be getting more colors! The only time I go for the favorite tee instead of their vintage cotton is with white, which gets a little too see-through for me. I tend to buy multiples when i find a great t-shirt that I like too. Makes it so easy!

  9. I loved this tee as well…until all of mine developed little holes in the front. Perhaps yours won’t wear as quickly as mine have done, but I was greatly disappointed in the quality.

  10. Just curious, what do you think is unflattering about crew necks on women who have any kind of bust?

  11. my j crew vintage ts never seem to hold their shape…and get those weird random “mouse” holes in the front. I also recently tried the sunwashed ts from LOFT…same issue…holes. the search continues…so far the only shirt that seems to hold up (but has a different look) are my GapFit Breathe t shirts.

  12. So glad you posted about this because I have been dying to ask others what they are doing about tee shirts this summer. I feel like every one I try on (especially J. Crew) is see through and I know when it gets hot, I’m not going to want to layer. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks!

  13. Does anyone get those teeny tiny holes in your t-shirts by the belly button area? Erin, have you noticed it with these tees? Just bought a few from the Gap and after two wears I already have them! I know, first world problems. TIA!

  14. I do find it lighter with the appeal of each of these decors as well the cloth. Cool long necklace carry much better and adorn for all those who wear. Great stuff:) Thanks for sharing.

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