Fashion Friday: It’s HERE! The Gates Satchel from Gigi New York

When Gigi New York asked me if I had any interest in designing my own handbag I of course replied a quick, very excited “YES!!!” I mean, what girl doesn’t want her own bag design?? I have a couple bags from Gigi and I love them (super durable and well made) so I thought it was the most perfect partnership.  Plus they make their bags in the good ol’ USA ( Long Island, NY to be exact) which is an important distinction to me.  It couldn’t have been an easier, more fun process and I am THRILLED that you can now order your own Gates Satchel starting today (complete with monogram if you wish!)  I seriously want every single color option (obviously- I think that was the point…)

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GAT-TAN-WHT-2 The size and function of the bag was important to me- all I want out of an everyday bag is one that is big enough to hold a lot of stuff but isn’t cumbersome to carry.  I also love straps that are short enough to carry over your forearm but long enough to sneak over your shoulder too.  These are the perfect length for both those and is lightweight yet structured! I’ve been carrying the sample since I got in a couple weeks ago and have even toted my Macbook Pro around inside it.  Here’s a snap of the scale of the bag from my trip to Dallas:

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 11.55.06 AM

top // jeans // necklace // sunglasses

This was the sketch I sent them of what I wanted the bag to look like.  A pretty darn good execution I’d say!


I picked all neutral colors for this inaugural collection because I think most women want bags that are staples and can go with anything and anywhere.  My goal was to make it stylish, timeless, fun and with a designer look and lines but without the price tag of the high-end designer bags that inspired it (this retails for $475).   So here are some outfits I put together to show the bags off! I really hope you guys like it!


dress // necklace // bag // heels // earrings


dress // bag // jacket (comes in tall & petite!) // earrings // sunglasses // shoes


top (also LOVE this one) // shorts // bag // shoes // earrings // bracelet


top // pants // shoes // bag // earrings // sunglasses // cuff


jeans // sweater // bag // necklace // sandals


  1. I love the camel color with the white inset. So fresh for summer! Very cool opportunity, you lucky gal. Well done!

  2. Just ordered mine in black and sand with my monogram! Gorgeous and I can’t wait to receive it. Erin, you are amazing!

  3. Erin, the bag is lovely. I really like your blog and read it every day. I hope you will take this comment in the spirit in which it is intended, which is only to point out something that may not have occurred to you. I feel like over the last year or two, you’ve lost touch with a whole piece of your audience of blog readers. There are a lot of us (my real-life friends and I) who consider $475 well into the “designer bag price range.” Most of us have never, ever paid that much for a bag and probably won’t in the near future. Which is NOT to say that your gorgeous bag shouldn’t sell for that price-no no. It is only to say that when you suggest products to us with the message that they are reasonably priced, and they cost more than we can spend on groceries in a month, we feel a little alienated. I guess what I’m saying is I think this post would be great if you included just one more sentence acknowledging that for some of us, this bag is a really big splurge. I would feel much more like you understand where your readers are coming from. Thanks for listening. I hope this came across right. A conversation over wine is always preferable to a serious comment in the box :)

  4. Kati- I do understand where you are coming from and I’m sorry if you feel alienated. The message I’m trying to send is that this bag was inspired by bags that cost thousands (which I cannot afford either) and I wanted to give more people the look of those bags without the crazy price tag. So this bag was created with the intention of including not excluding. And I know $475 is a lot for some and more accessible for others. But making a leather bag in the USA costs a lot more than making them overseas, and I think the extra cost to employ US workers to do it make it worth it. I hope that helps a little?

  5. A most excellent bag and exactly what my friends and I are always looking for! I want to collect them all.

  6. Love love love, congrats on the collaboration! Ordering the sand color. Any chance we could get a free shipping discount?:)

  7. from conception to execution: a beautiful bag, erin! you get to live the dream of most designers whose innate urge is to design the world (or at least your personal world),….. it’s happening! happy weekend!



  9. Hope you will eventually offer it in colors like Cobalt, Hunter Green, Red, Wine and Coral. I like it that much!!

  10. Kudos to Kati’s comment. While it’s no surprise a $475 bag is chump change for a select few, for the majority of us, it’s a price tag we’ve never considered. The thing to keep in mind when reading this blog is this: the author grew up extremely privileged and is of a class better known as ‘funded’. At best, her ramblings are entertaining, kind of like brainless tabloid reading.

  11. Shut the front door!! Erin this is amazing!!! Now I feel even more starstruck that I had a Mexican dinner with you haha!!!You rock girl! xoxo

  12. I think you do a nice job displaying a variety of price points on your blog! Design and fashion are, to a certain extent, fantasy and aspirational. Wasn’t it yesterday you blogged about Target? I think Kati’s comment, and the spirit in which it was intended, is fine. Tess is a troll. The bag is astounding. Congratulations.

  13. Hey “Tess”, if you are going to leave comments like that at least have the balls to use a real email address and name. Come on.

  14. Erin – the bag is amazing. Great job. You have amazing style – and you’re absolutely right that to make a leather bag in the US is going to have to cost significantly more than one you’d find at Banana Republic. And BTW – the ones there that are this size are not significantly cheaper than this one….

    Ignore Tess and go ‘head on with yer bad self!

  15. Erin, The bag is beautiful and versatile! I love a bag that can double and a briefcase. I am always on the lookout for a stylish bag that can also hold my computer and wallet. You blog is wonderful! I look forward to reading it everyday!

    I can’t stand the comments above regarding your upbringing. It is your choice how you spend your money. You work very hard enjoy it.

  16. Julia- I tried to get it made in gray but right now they didn’t have the right leather. Hopefully we can produce it in gray in the future!!!

  17. Wow I think you made a terrific bag and I totally understand where you were going at with this design and offering a bag at a “reasonable” price. The whole it-bag thing with bags costing $ 2 000 average has gone too far.
    Best of luck with your talent!

  18. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and finally
    got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Texas!
    Just wanted to tell you keep up the good job!

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