Oh, This Old Thing…

There are renovations, and then there are renovations. Many of you know how complicated and stressful a normal home renovations is so can you imagine doing one on a 1750’s decrepit French chateau? Such is the tale of the abandoned Chateau de Gudanes.  An Australian couple fought to buy this massive, gorgeous old home with 94 rooms and are in the process of bringing it back to life and cataloging the process on a blog.  It’s pretty fascinating, no?  Can you imagine doing this??? A labor of love indeed.

Check out some of the “before” shots.  The potential is mind-blowing and the details (even those in decay) are so beautiful.


Chateau Gudanes Carla Coulson-55

Chateau Gudanes Carla Coulson-66


Chateau Gudanes Carla Coulson-59

Chateau Gudanes Carla Coulson-62






  1. Oh my. What a dream. Historic restoration is something I would love to learn to do. Love it all- thanks for sharing!

  2. This blog may become my new obsession. I have always been crazy for old structures in need of repair. But, somehow, my heart loves them in their sad state so much, it makes me a little sad to see them all prettied up. In our area, a few of my favorites are: Medfield State Hospital, Steinert Hall, the home located on the grounds of Elm Bank in South Natick, the Sarah Clayse house in Framingham… and the list goes on.

  3. Oh wow. This is right up my alley! Your link to the blog didn’t work for me. Thanks for sharing these though!

  4. Holy smokes! That looks straight out of a movie. Of course, I want to know all the snoopy details…how much did they pay for this place? And how much would renovations on this scale even cost?!?

  5. Timothy Corrigan – YouTube

    This is fantastic! It reminds me of Timothy Corrigan’s Chateau. The YouTube video link is above. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Dear Erin,

    Thank you so much for this post on the chateau restoration and your last one on The Grand Budapest Hotel. So enjoyable! The chateau is truly a fantasy come to life. Have not yet seen the movie, but intend to soon. Thank you so much again for these wonderful posts.

  7. Did anyone see the you tube video on this chateau? The home looks like it should be condemned. I truly admire this couple, esp. since I just went through a two year renovation of part of our downstairs/kitchen that ended costing over a million dollars. The amount of money to save this home will be staggering. However, good for them for taking this on!

  8. I cannot even fathom having the money (or patience or time!) it will take to renovate this home, but what. a. dream. The details are to-die for. Definitely adding this blog to my Feedly account. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I no word of a lie, had a dream about owning this unbelievably stunning chateau the night after I first saw it! I mean, honestly, could you even imagine?! I hope I can someday just tour one, to take in it’s majestic beauty first hand! How amazing!

  10. The post of February 14 is a killer, “The first of 94 rooms.” Oh my. Takes my breath away. Did you know that green was the most expensive wall paper color back in the 1700’s? That’s why so many of these chateau’s and castles, and the largest, loveliest old homes of New England often had bright green wallpaper in the entryway.

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