My Favorite Face Oils

As I get older I am finding I can’t put just anything on my skin and have it appear luminous and supple (uh, I kind of hate that word but it’s true). As I’ve been testing and sampling things I’ve fallen madly in love with face oils. I still swear by Shamanuti’s Charcoal Cleanser (also have been using Revive Gentle Cleanser and love it too), Creme de la Mer in the winter months (especially this past winter- my God) and I’ve added a prescription Retinol to my repertoire too. Apparently 34 is proving to be the age in which I have started noticing my age catching up to me (grey hairs, wrinkles, sun spots- oh my!)  Over the past two years I’ve found face oils to be the best way to add either light or dramatic moisture to my skin depending on the type and brand- and even that hard to capture J.Lo “glow”.  Even those with oily skin should try them!  Here are a few of my favorites and a few I’ve been dying to try:

1. My new personal favorite- this really makes you glow and I feel like it feeds my skin all sorts of good stuff.

 2. I’ve heard AWESOME things about this Tarte oil. Must try.

 3. Josie Maran’s regular Argan Oil is one I keep in my vanity, but this version is great for those with oilier skin instead of dry like mine.

4. The cult favorite that so many celebs swear by. Another on my lust try list.

5. Nude is kind of the “king of oils” (their cleansing oil is also amazing).  This has anti-aging qualities as well as good moisture.

6. This Bobbi Brown oil has so many superfans, it’s basic and it works well at really moisturizing your skin.

 7.  I adore the Plantscription line, I’ve used the serum a lot over the years, but this new addition is one I need to get a full size of!

 8. I tried this L’Oreal version and also really liked it- and it’s at a good price point too!



  1. Used Josie Maran forever but am obsessed with the organic oils by both Shamanuti and Dr. Alkatis – much more hydrating. Add a few mists of Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator (you NEED this smell in your life) and it’s pure heaven.

  2. The Tarte Maracuja was my first face oil and I still love it. That being said, I have just discovered African Botanics Marula at SpaceNk and I adore it. Especially the Neroli version. OMG, my face smells SO good. I also use the regular version on my body mixed with their body hydrator. The body hydrator is a strong smell and not super pretty, but works so well.

  3. I have used the Fresh Seaberry oil in the past and liked it a lot – even for my combination/acne-prone skin. I just started using Sunday Riley’s Juno oil and love it so far. I’ve been using a few drops even during the day underneath tinted moisturizer and it’s lovely. Very luxurious brand – I also use her Good Genes treatment which is amazing.

  4. Check out One Love Organics as well — I love their Love Springs Eternal and Morning Glory oils, and really want to try their Supercritical Chia next (in addition to all their other products. They happen to have excellent customer service as well). I also buy plain old rosehip seed oil from Whole Foods and I really feel like it gives me a nice glow. For body, I buy argan oil at WF and add it to my body lotion for an extra boost. I have oily skin prone to breakouts and I swear I have not had a single blemish since starting with organic skin care and lots of oils — they are the best!

  5. Love Lierac cleansing oil, it does the trick and smells heavenly. I use pure EMU oil under my moisture cream and noticed a huge difference. It seems to smooth and plump the skin. You are so smart to start taking care of your skin in your 30s, I remember that is when I first started noticing a change in my skin, just about the same age you are. I started wearing a foundation for the first time. Time marches on and wrinkles will come but with good skincare they will be soft looking wrinkles, so much more attractive, than the, I lived a hard life kind of wrinkles. You can’t go wrong with La Mer it is the best, but the cost is a deal breaker for me. Keep up the good work and try the EMU oil it is great.

  6. Hahaha, I never thought about how the word supple makes me feel until reading this. And, I gotta tell ya..I’m not loving it hahaha

  7. My sister and I randomly call each other and say “supple” or “moist” or “slacks” and hang up. That word is awful.

    I’m trying the Origins right now and I like but not enough to stop shopping around. Thanks for the ideas!

  8. Good to know you still love the Shamanuti cleanser – I want to try it.

    I use Fresh’s seaberry oil and I LOVE it. I also used the argan oil which was great, but Fresh’s just works better for me somehow. And I tried Tarte’s but couldn’t get past the subtle smell.

    L’oreal’s is amazing and seems so luxurious for the price – love the scent! I think it’s their answer for the mucho $$$ Rodin oil. I sometimes put a drop or two on my finger tips and pat it over my cheekbones (after blush) to add a nice glow. I also added 20 drops or so to a bottle of rose water spray (from Whole Foods – only 6 bucks!) and it makes a great facial mist!

  9. Almost forgot – try the Marula oil (at Sephora, I forget the brand name) – it’s also fantastic, with a nice herbal/subtle pine scent, and is very similar to seaberry.

    Good grief I’m a product whore.

  10. Kiehls Midnight Recovery is excellent. I mix it with the vitamin C line reducing serum. I also want to try the Intellent Nutrients Anti-Aging oil.

  11. Try REN. I love their omega 3 oil. Smells like sunshine and apricots and gives a gorgeous glow.

  12. Such a well-timed post! I’ve apparently become quite vain in my old(ish) age and am noticing all sorts of facial skin things that just make me sad! I’ve been using the Bobbi Brown facial cleansing oil, and it’s quite nice. I am going to run to buy any (all??!) of these in hopes to see my early 30s skin again – please?!

  13. You have to try BeautyCounter Lustro face oils! Totally organic and amazing!! I use lustro #2 and love love it!

  14. Clarins “Blue Orchid Face Oil Treatment” is another one to try. I love the smell. I only supplement it a couple times of week and then use my traditional creme-Estee Lauder Night cream and their Advanced Night Repair which is also really good.

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