Give Mom A Laugh.

Laughter is truly the best medicine, and a great gift.  So why not prepare yourself and order up a funny card for your Mom, wife, sister or friend this year?  As I’ve said before, a truly hilarious card is one of my favorite things (I buy them and save them for the perfect recipient/ moment- I’ve had this one in my drawer for like a year, this line always cracks me up too!) Making someone smile and laugh is so underrated. Try it.

Click the image for link to buy!






I have one brother who really should give this one to our Mom…


And another brother who this was made for (hi Mike).


And this one would have to be from me :)


I also say this all the time. I may be flawed and a handful, but I’ve never been to jail, had a drug problem or even gotten a detention. So way to go Mom.


tru042cScreen Shot 2014-04-16 at 6.47.39 PM


You could always go the e-card route too if your Mom happns to be internet savvy…some of the best off-color ones come that way :)

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 6.04.58 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 6.06.40 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 6.06.15 PM


21 Responses to “Give Mom A Laugh.”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Reading these cards was a nice way to settle into the day. They’re hysterical. My mom has been gone for nearly 13 years – too bad heaven does not accept mail. Several of these cards would be very appropriate.

  2. Maggie says:

    This was a perfect way to start my day! Cry laughing.

  3. Liza Miller says:

    Those are the greatest! Thanks for a laugh. Just what I needed today :)

  4. Hah, those last three got me laughing. Especially the third to last. Very cute!

  5. Tatiana says:

    okay, so you are REALLY good at finding cards, which I happen to think is a rare and unique skill, easily forgotten in today’s tech-savvy world. I thought I was pretty much the best but you are giving me a run for my momey and I am GRATEFUL. Pinning all kinds of awesome to be secret paper crush pinterest board this morning, thanks Erin.

  6. Karena says:

    Erin these are just too much; love a good card with some humor!

    Feature: Decorate Fearlessly!

  7. Melanie says:

    Thank you so much for posting my card! Such a great round-up. XO – Mel

  8. Sue Erneta says:

    These are awesome! I just ordered the bangs/teen years one for my awesome mom who still gives me crap for how I mean I was to her from ages 14-18!


  9. OMG! I love everyone of these!

  10. haha these are hilarious! I love it!

  11. richele says:

    Thanks for the link! I’m glad the Shark card is one of your favs. It still cracks me up as well ;)

  12. Patricia says:

    I wish I could give one to my mom, but I’m feeling inspired and might write a letter to my sis and me from our mom from the other side. Since I can’t know what she’s feeling or thinking, I’ll give it my best guess.

    I do really have to apologize to her for NEVER giving her grandkids. I have two of my own (courtesy of being a step mom)and it’s amazing. Not every minute, but close enough.

  13. Lyndsy says:

    HAHAHA! I’m a sucker for a tear jerker but these had me howling… especially the “bangs vs. teen years” one. I think I might have to switch things up this year… I had REALLY BAD bangs… and my teen years were even worse!

  14. jHill says:

    TOTALLY just bought that hair cut card. it’s like my mom took all her aggression out on my hair in junior high.

  15. Emily says:

    As a mother of a child adopted from China (where children are left in baskets or boxes because it is illegal to have more than one child or give a child up for adoption), I am really disappointed that you chose to feature such an insensitive image on your site. (i.e. “thanks for not leaving me somewhere in a basket). As a professed arbiter of taste, you have shown yourself to be tasteless.

  16. Sally says:

    As the mother of an addict in recovery, I found the card “I didn’t get addicted to drugs” to be in very poor taste. Being that you are a recovering anorexic, I would think you would be more sensitive than to post such a thing.

  17. Rebecca Farnsworth says:

    Emily/Sally – So…all the other ones are funny, but the ones that you take personally are in poor taste? Maybe it’s time to lighten up.

  18. Anne says:

    These are hilarious. I especially like the coupon for one non-condescending tutorial on putting songs onto an iPad.

  19. Please unsubscribe me from your blog. Anyone that thinks making light of things like drug addiction or anything else that brings PAIN to others is not someone I want in my life. NOTHING justifies your poor taste and to your minions who want people who are offended by your poor taste to lighten up, I hope you never have to deal with the PAIN that comes with the things that you find so acceptable as humorous. I am not perfect nor do I expect others to be but how you could not question some of your choices is beyond me.
    Don’t worry I already canceled my book order as have my mother and sisters.

    Mother of a United States Marine-Wounded Warrior (100% Disabled)

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