Fashion Friday: The Investment Shoe

While in New York the past two days I did something crazy. Like super crazy. In my afternoon off before some meetings I went perusing at Bergdorfs. I am always so nervous going in mega-fancy stores like that because I feel like the salespeople will look at me and chase me out of the store yelling “Hey you! You can’t be in here! You can’t afford this stuff!”  But that day I told myself to suck it up and just enjoy looking around.  I didn’t get chased out. And then I got to the shoe department.

I’ve never been a fancy shoe girl. Ever. I have very few pairs of shoes actually ( for a girl who loves fashion, that is).  I love to walk everywhere and I really beat shoes up, so I never thought nice shoes were worth the money.  Then a couple years Andrew bought me my first (and only) pair of Louboutins for my birthday. Simple black pumps that go with everything and somehow make my legs and feet look ridiculously great.  I walk taller in them (literally and figuratively) and they are my most comfortable heels I own. I’ve had them re-heeled and re-soled (with red rubber- so fab!) and I now value a nice shoe more. But I never bought another nice pair like that myself.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 7.42.15 AM

So when I saw the matte leather nude Valentino Rockstud heels on a woman teetering around the shoe department at Bergdorfs I gasped. Literally, gasped. They were stunning- I’ve never been a fan of the patent version, but these were the perfect neutral statement shoe.  I had to try them on and when I did I was as good as gone. But I was arguing with myself in my head because they are a ridiculous price. And I have so many other things I should save that money for. I am incredibly conservative with money and spending and feel incredible guilt when I buy something super fancy and expensive. It’s a great quality to have but also one that keeps me from enjoying the rewards of my hard work. So this time, I let go. I bought them.  They are classic like my Loubs, and I will probably wear them to death as opposed to some of the less expensive shoes I’ve bought that I literally have worn ONCE and make my feet bleed. It doesn’t eradicate the guilt, but it helps.

When making an “investment purchase” you have to think about cost per wear not just upfront cost.  It’s so hard to spend a lot on one single item, but if it’s something classic, timeless and well made and you wear it over and over it’s a smarter investment than a less expensive item that falls apart or you wear a couple times. So now I need to prove to myself the many ways I can wear these beauties this spring and summer….


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1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6.


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5.


  1. Oooh la la! Those are some gorgeous shoes! After all you’ve accomplished this year, you deserve those beauties :)

    I tend to trash my shoes, too, for the same reason you mentioned. My heels are always worn down to the nail.

  2. Without knowing you at all, except from reading your blog, I can totally see you wearing these to death! Glad you decided to treat yourself. Lose the guilt and enjoy the shoes, they are fab and you only go around once!

  3. I have been eyeing those shoes for a while. They look fab and you deserve them. Besides, you only live once.

  4. These are *so* you! What a gorgeous shoe. I’ve been seeing fashion bloggers wear them all over the internet and have lusted after them. Unfortunately, they are more than my mortgage and my hubby and I are doing the Dave Ramsey plan, so I’ll have to live through you :) Please post pics of you wearing them!

    P.S. My husband would call these ‘sex’ shoes :)

  5. Good for you Erin…I am so the opposite (completely frivolous) and I spend too much on small crap that I never wear and wonder why I never can afford the high end/high quality items. Smart girl you are!

  6. The most amazing shoes ever made! I’ve had a picture of them in red as my IPad wallpaper for months!! If I could get over the fact that the first nick or scrape wouldn’t send me to the loony bin, I’d buy them. Some day….Meanwhile, you go girl! You will look like a “rockstud” and I will live vicariously through you!!

  7. Like you, my shoe collection is pretty modest. That incredible pair you gifted to yourself is probably the luxury shoe I’ve lusted after the most! I would wear it with EVERYTHING.

  8. Congrats on your purchase! Every year I save up for a big purchase, and have never pulled the trigger. But you’re right, sometimes we need to just go for it and treat ourselves to something really nice that we will appreciate for a long time!

  9. Good for you. You deserve it. You can’t spend your money when you’re dead anyway, lol. You don’t need to apologize to anyone for buying beautiful shoes for yourself that you can afford.

  10. Nice to know I’m not the only one feeling judged when I walk into really high end shops. I feel like I’ve stepped thru a security screen that instantly determined how much my shoes and bag cost and found me lacking.

  11. Hi Erin,

    As someone who has been reading your blog for over 2 years, I think you totally deserve them. Let the guilt go, enjoy them, and as you said they’re so neutral they’ll literally go with everything! I think it was such a great investment purchase.

    Happy weekend! XO

  12. I was soooo stoked when I saw these on your insta…I have been coveting these exact ones as well and haven’t pulled the plug. Classic, but with an edge, they are such enticing shoes. Good for you for treating yourself!

  13. Congratulations! You have turned “rationalization truly into an art form… complete with bleeding feet! Way to go! As one of your older readers who can no longer wear anything remotely similar to that, I say enjoy the moment! Dance!

  14. Gorgeous shoes and so well deserved. I chuckled to myself about your “cost per wear” formula as I always use that to assuage my guilt after a big purchase. Love it.

    Speaking of…I think I might need a pair of those red soled Loubs as I wear black heels constantly.

  15. Thank you for the Elyse Walker reference! I had commented on your Insta that my patent ones squeak and I really would rather have had a matte version, but couldn’t find it anywhere in the shorter heel. My feet just aren’t what they used to be as far as rocking a 4″ heel! Elyse Walker had them and I ordered up! I do think they’re gorgeous and destined to become a classic someday. Enjoy them for all they’re worth!! Just be careful of all of our Beantown cobblestones!!

  16. I was in Paris last week camped out in the alley Behind the Louboutin store with a day old baguette looking for someone to walk out with a bag and feet that looked about a 9 (I could squeeze into an 81/2), so I understand the lust. I loooooove those shoes. Perfect pick for a splurge, behind the black Loubs which are just a must, someday….

  17. I spend a lot of money, some would think, on shoes. Then I dress fairly monochromatically and they really stand out. They can make a whole outfit. You are going to wear those shoes a ton and never look back. All the style examples you gave we’re perfect! Your cost per wear philosophy is also right on. I bought a black Prada pantsuit that at the time wa the most expensive thing I had ever bought. Flash forward, it’s probably down to a nickel a wearing and it still looks brand new!

    Nice work, enjoy!

  18. I have been oogling these shoes for more than a year. I am the same as you about spending money, but you may have just inspired me. I am telling myself I’m just going to go try them on… but that’s how it begins!

  19. I actually completely agree with the classic-ness of this shoe and its versatility (if Pinterest is any indication, they look good with everything). You really will wear them for a long long time. Good for you, you deserve it.

  20. I love this post, and you deserve these shoes, and you will obviously wear them to death forever and ever. It sort of sickens me reading popular fashion blogs and seeing the price tags on the items that the bloggers buy themselves, only to wear maybe twice. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels incredible guilt when I buy something expensive! And now that I own a home, all I want to do is save my money for home improvement projects and quality furniture that will last a long time, instead of clothes. Lululemon stretchy pants every day for the win!

  21. Good for you, it’s always nice to be able to treat yourself with a really special item. I hope they bring you so much joy wearing them!

  22. I got the same shoes in patent from the Valentino store two weeks ago. Already, I have worn them 4 times and restrained myself from wearing them every day.

    I have always been a $100-$175 shoe buyer but after my handsome hubby bought me my first pair of Valentino’s (red d’orsay bow pump), I have a new found respect for the “investment shoe” (2 ferragamos and a carolina herrera later…) I know the cost per wear will even out and they are super comfortable but I can’t help but think about my upcoming credit card bill.

  23. Ha! I feel exactly the same way when entering a fancy store (that’s probably why I almost never go to any of them, ha!)
    Beautiful shoes!!!

  24. Those are great shoes! Once in a while you just have to splurge, especially when you know you will get your money out of them over time. Sadly, great heels don’t fit my lifestyle. I splurge on other things to make up for it though. ;)

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  26. They are absolutely stunning!!! I love the rockstud shoes and have been umming and ahhing for ages as to if I should make the purchase or not. I hope you really enjoy them x

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  28. Good for you! I bought the cage style rock-studs last year, and I love them to death. I also bought a pair of gold MM6 shoes in NYC last year and they are so crazy and I love them and they broke the bank :) Its hard to do these things without feeling like we need to justify them (men spend crazy money on themselves all the time, and they act like its ok). But us ladies feel obligated to be responsible and are hard on ourselves. I say good for you!

  29. You go! Fabulous shoe choice-,i found the calf hair leopard print version (kitten heel) on netaporter for under 500 but Alas the 41 was too small- i risked the dreaded heel hang. Sooooo sad.

    And glad that you have a pair! Wear em out!

  30. You God Dam well deserve those! I’m so happy for you! I’m a shoe lover and I’ve been saving for those too for quite sometime. nude and all. They are amazing!

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