Fashion Friday: Great White

I saw this shot of Elle McPherson (who is looking unreal at 50) and thought, “Man, that all white situation is pretty amazing…”. Head to toe white can be tough (especially for those of us who spill CONSTANTLY on themselves….ahem) but it’s such an elegant, crisp look for warmer months.


Here are two variations on how to wear head to toe white without looking like a medical professional.  The key is to mix in slightly different shades and hints of nude to break it up. I am pretty obsessed with this first outfit and think it may need to be a total staple outfit this summer (perfect for dinner out or a casual day if you swap in flat sandals!)


sweater // jeans // heels // clutch // necklace // bracelet


top // pants // heels // clutch // knot bracelet // wrap bracelet // earrings

And when you wear all white you need to do a little self tanning as to not look like Casper.  This one is the best I’ve ever used- I swear by it (buy the mitt, it’s amazing and spreads everything evenly and leaves you with no tan palms!)

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 8.15.08 AM

 A few other options for you to consider….


  1. Love these looks (definitely my go to for warmer days/nights)! Especially love that Elle McPherson is 50! Welcome to the club Elle! She’s a perfect example of NOT giving in or giving up because you are a certain age!!

  2. Erin, your blog is fabulous! I remember you “recommitting” to it recently and can I say Thank You!!! Your work and efforts shine and are appreciated! When so many favorites are devolving into freebies and promotions, real authentic content is so very precious :)

  3. I love the all white look. I would love to see a high end/low end version of the looks. Something to dream for and something mere mortals can afford (much as I love Rachel Zoe I’m not spending $250 for a yard of material). I love your fashion sense almost (just almost) more than your decorating style.

  4. Oh Elle–that woman just doesn’t age. I love all the items you picked out, especially the jewelry! St. Tropez is the absolute best self-tanner I’ve ever used, and I’m a self-tanning junkie. Glad you’re spreading the word about it!

  5. Thanks a lot Erin. I definitely just bought the bracelets featured in this post, but there was a 40% of your order before 10am PST special for Banana Republic! Yea yea, that’s how they get you.

  6. Thanks for the info!! Just ordered my new “tan” and will be so happy to get rid of the white body!!!! Someone had told me about that product and I’ve been meaning to call her back…… and then I see this!!! Great timing!!!

  7. Charleigh, I just ordered those bracelets and they were 35% off today!!!! Glad I saw this a few days later!!

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