InteriorsMarch 24, 2014

Rethinking Red.

When people ask me what my least favorite color is to paint walls I almost always say red.  I just have never been a fan, particularly of cranberry.  It always feels dated to me. Except all of the sudden I feel the tide changing.  For example, a couple episodes ago I was watching Downton Abbey and when this scene came on in a bright, crisp red room with white trim and gilt frame paintings I gasped. Literally. It was so stunning!

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 5.45.51 PM

It got me thinking- I love coral and pink walls of any shade so why not red?  When the right shade is in play in the right rooms, I actually find myself drawn to red now.  I prefer brighter reds with more orange tones to them for a more modern, bold feel as opposed to deep, dusty colonial-looking shades.  Here are some rooms I’m liking the use of red in!



(I love red paired with turquoise. It’s such a modern coupling.)








To be fair, I’ve never disliked a hint of red in interiors- like killer red velvet sofas for example:



In my attempt to make peace with red walls, here are some of my favorite red paints in a variety of tones:


Try pairing these reds with light violet, pink or turquoise for a modern pairing!

Do you have a color you have always disliked in homes? What is it?


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