Red Carpet ReviewMarch 3, 2014

Red Carpet Review: Oscars 2014

The Oscars last night were funny and somewhat poignant but WAAAAAAAY too long. We don’t need a montage of “movie heroes” when this thing is running three and a half hours long! C’mon! But there was some good fashion, and actually a real drought of bad fashion! I thought most people looked lovely! Leaves me with less snark, but I still can review, right?

Tied for best dressed has to be Cate Blanchett and Lupita N’yongo (both winners) who looked so gorgeous. Cate is just a freakin’ MOVIE STAR. Look at her! That dress is perfection are the earrings, the hair and makeup. Lupita’s “Nairobi blue” Prada gown was the very best color on the carpet and the cut was magnificent on her. I didn’t love the headband, but I didn’t hate it either.


These two killed it too- Charlize looked incredible and this dress fit beyond perfect. And Sandra picked the ideal color and silhouette for her. Loved her smokey eye too.


THESE TWO. Are you serious? Can they be any hotter? Olivia does pregnancy well, y’all. This 70’s inspired look on her was just amazing, I loved it. And his dark blue tux was the best men’s look of the night, hands down! When did Jason Sudekis become such a stone cold fox?

I thought Julia Roberts looked LUMINOUS- her hair and makeup was simply awesome and I actually loved this dress on her. I’m not crazy about the peplum, but I LOVED the neckline and lace detail!  Karen O’s dress ( I had no idea who she was…) was elegant and retro and super old school Hollywood. Love.


Two young starlets with pixies both looking good- Anne Hathaway’s dress was a bit edgey and I like it on her a lot. Jennifer Lawrence looks great in red (I think I predicted she’d wear red) I just wish those little hip peplums were ripped off. Nothing wrong with simple.


But is this not the best?


I adore Kelly Ripa’s coral dress (minus the square shoulders) and I quite liked Portia’s detailed Naeem Khan.


I actually was not big on Amy Adams’ dress- Sandra wins for navy and this kinda fell flat for me. It’s missing something and I wasn’t loving the hair.  Her hair is so amazing she should wear it down! And again, I’m not big on those 80’s kind of fold details. Love the shade of blue though.  I thought Glenn Close looked awesome (and made up for a missing Helen Mirren) but I wish she had worn a big statement necklace with this great dress!

I have one red carpet pet peeve and it’s when pale brunettes wear champagne. Both Jennifer and Jessica look SO DAMN GOOD in bold color it bums me out when they wear this washed out shade!!!! Obviously they look lovely, but not as great as they could in something a little bolder.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Edit: I FORGOT KATE HUDSON!!!! She looked every inch movie starlet (I liked this even better without the cape. I have a real thing against shoulder pads. Must be because I’m a child of the 80’s. She always has the BEST makeup too!


I am SO happy Matthew won, he was a revelation in Dallas Buyers Club (and is also on True Detective).  While I think Leo really, really deserves an Oscar, it was Matt’s year to win. I loved his look too, even though I’m not a big white jacket fan.  Wasn’t loving the half cape on his wife though, if her dress had been without it I think it would have been awesome.


Did anyone else do a double take with these two? Naomi and Callista both wore cap sleeve sparkly white dresses. Both simple and pretty, but kind of a red carpet “oops”.


Ahhh, the golden couple. Looking….. golden. Angie’s dress was good in concept but bad in execution. The fit feels wrong to me. And I can;t deal with Brad’s current haircut. GAH.

I think I will be in a minority when I say I did not love Kerry Wahsington’s look- the dress was a little too wrinkly and I’m not adoring the dark lip. I like the color of the dress but something feels off here for me too. And I LOVE Jared Leto and I’m so happy he won but the red bow tie mad me sad. A shiny red satin bowtie with a white jacket is not my jam. But he does have the most perfect ombre hair.


So here are my two least favorite- Anna Kendrick’s dress would have been so much better minus that red beaded sheer panel! Ick. Her Vanity Fair party dress was SO MUCH BETTER! But we all know that the worst dressed HAD to go to Liza Minnelli. OMG, someone please get her a bra. Please. And the blue streak and the crazy plastic surgery. Ummmm, no.


Your thoughts?

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