Feminine Touch.

A while back I showed you the nursery (check it again- so good) of Bijou & Boheme blogger Christine Dovey, and now we get to see MORE of her amazing home thanks to Style Me Pretty Living.  Her space is such a great mix of vintage and modern, whimsical and bad-ass. I’m not sure I could get this much pink by my husband, but I adore the feminine touch in a lot of these images.


Oh that island……


Love this hardware so very much.


I mean, woah. That is some amazing lighting and I adore the mix of modern chairs and table with the vintage fixtures and traditional wallpaper panels.



This room is much more stark and modern and I adore it. Those chairs are so killer.


Her adorable little family.



This is such a good bathroom. The venetian mirror over the subway tile is perfection. As is that sink.


Oh hello brass shower situation, you will be MINE.


An amazing HUGE traditional print looks insanely good when offset by modern furniture and lighting.


 Magic 8 Ball, will I ever stop loving brass?

Outlook not so good.


This picture gives me goosebumps. It’s everything I love in one image: black, leopard and brass.


An example of a good looking and well styled TV console.



Do you not DIE for this laundry room? Because I do.


This is one of her daughter’s rooms- luckiest little one ever?



This is her older daughters room. Again, lucky, lucky little children. I am quite jealous of them.



See more images and get info on some of the items in her home on the SMP site here.  

Love this look? Get it here with a few items inspired by Christine’s home:

20 Responses to “Feminine Touch.”

  1. jillian says:

    so gorgeous! i want that bathroom, laundry room and starlet’s room!! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  2. Vanessa says:

    Christine’s home is beautiful. I followed the entire design process on her blog and the blog of her designer Meredith Heron (the kitchen is her brainchild with Christine as client) #projectkitchengorgeous. It’s a great story of the design process. They both blogged about the process which was so fun to follow.


  3. Karolyn says:

    Wow, love the pops of color and antique brass! Gorgeous!

  4. Patricia says:

    Loved so many things in this post; the waterfall edge on the island, the rack for princess outfits in her daughter’s room, and that laundry room. My living room doesn’t look that good.

  5. I absolutely love that entryway! The wallpaper is stunning.
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  6. Caroline says:


  7. I absolutely love everything. Everything. The colors, the femininity, the mix of traditional and modern. She is a serious design genius! I could happily live in that house.

  8. WOW! this house is awesome! I would love to meet her husband and ask him how he feels about all of the pink! I would love to have more feminine touches in my home but my man would go crazy I think.

  9. Such an amazing surprise to see this post and your amazingly kind words about my home. Thank you so so much Erin- totally made my day!!! And thank you everyone for such sweet comments- so very appreciated. xo

  10. Sarah S. says:

    Talk about making laundry an event!! Fantastic!

  11. Susan says:

    Pinned and pinned and pinned some more! So good. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I looooove her home! And, I’ve never seen a laundry room look so good!

  13. Erin says:

    Lovely! Quite a lot of thought and love put into her home. I wish I had the funds and time to do that. Oh well, I’ll settle looking at the pictures. Oh, and woah, that nursery is CUTE! Some of the comments on that post, not so much. I have a 7 month old and while yes there is the random pee accident, I can tell you that kids aren’t all that messy. I wouldn’t hesitate moving my baby in that nursery one bit! Wish there was a photo of her older son’s room.

  14. that laundry room is STUNNING!
    and is it bad i am a grown woman and want her daughter’s room for myself?

  15. Chris Clark says:

    SO much white it makes me anxious as a Type A, OCD, neat-freak adult… With 3 small children I’d likely have a daily panic attack!

  16. Shandra says:

    The pink, double exposure type painting is by Canadian artist Jen Mann! Her work is fantastic http://www.jenmann.com.

  17. KATHYSUE says:

    Now this is a very well designed home with so much personality and grace. LOVED this post, thank you for sharing,

  18. Christina C says:

    Wow, amazing design! Thank you for sharing. Christine, how do you keep your wee ones from ransacking the place? Do they have a playroom of their own?

  19. Christine is so seriously talented. Her vision and her ability to create these gorgeous spaces, especially the kitchen, is beyond words. She’s like our own Kelly Wearstler – there is nobody here in Canada (that I know of)that can create such unique and interesting spaces so effortlessly.

  20. That laundry area is to die for!