Feel the Love.

I have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. I love all things red, pink, sparkly, flowery, chocolatey and romantic but I hate disappointment. And I think this holiday is second only to New Years Eve in that department. Us ladies can sometimes get carried away with dreams of diamonds and roses and proposals on the top of the Empire State building only to be given a box of CVS chocolate and dinner at Olive Garden (no disrespect to Olive Garden- I live for soup, salad and breadsticks! Live for it!)  But you never know, so here are some fun finds for you, your best friend, your wife, your boyfriend- whomever you might wanna show a little (or lot) of love to this weekend. But we have to follow my mom’s rule- it has to have pink, red, hearts on it (jewelry and chocolate is the exception):


1. Flowers die so fast, why not gift a succulent arrangement that will last longer and look modern?

2. A classic watch for him (the second had is red so it counts!)

3. LOVE this bra and underwear set (I won’t say “panties” because I HATE THAT WORD).

4. A plaid shirt for him.

5.  Genius fragrance gift- Commodity sends you (or him) this great set of testers of all their fragrances and you get to try them before selecting one to be sent to you at full size! I adore Pinot, Magnolia and Mimosa!

6. A fabulous blush set from Nars (aptly named “Adult Content”)

7. Andrew loves some fun socks- these are adorable.

8. Pale pink Tieks flats are love for your feet (so so comfy!)

9. Working out is good for your heart and I love this top– it’s LONG and super flattering yet supportive.

10. An adorable necklace great for layering.

11. Um, these are AMAZING. Potato chip and popcorn chocolate bars (does anything beat salty and sweet?)

12. Sweet kicks for his feet!

13.  Light pink champagne glasses gifted with some rose would be darling.

14. I love this coral, pink and gold top for my upcoming weekend away somewhere warm (finally).

15. A fabulous rose colored agenda.

16. I love this adorable pink and cheetah pillow.

17. A water bottle to go with that workout gear.

18. Funniest card. It’s true.


  1. That card is the greatest! I have the same feelings toward V-Day. I love all the pretties, but my husband thinks it’s all ridiculous. So, I’m used to not expecting much, haha. I’d be totally okay with some champagne and a potato chip candy bar!

  2. I hope you are doing better and recovering from this past weekend…. I had to comment… I hate the word ‘panties’ too!Thanks for the morning smile!

  3. Totally agree with your sentiments on Valentine’s Day. One year, I got a label maker (?!) and another year, a roll of SweetTarts. So, I’ve learned to lower my expectations :)

  4. I so agree with the “panties” hatred. It’s right up there with “moist.” Gives me the willies. Cheers to a happy V-day!

  5. Those chocolate bars are so good. They have them at the South End Buttery. Dangerous!!! Hope you are feeling better!

  6. PLEASE watch the SNL skit on Valentine’s Day that was aired a few weeks ago. You will cry-laugh. And it echoes your post.

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