A New Place to Hunt for the Home

The founders of One Kings Lane have launched a new site for home decor fans called Hunter’s Alley, a site for buying and selling antique or second hand goods for the home.  From a vintage chair to a current Jonathan Adler light fixture from someone’s home for less than retail, it’s going to quickly be a great resource for those trying to decorate their home with unique and interesting pieces or find a good score.  All items listed are reviewed by the staff at Hunter’s Alley so no junk makes it on the site (unlike eBay and Craigslist).  Here are some items I found that were cool, but search the site for something you may have been lusting after for your home or create a profile to sell some stuff you may have on hand!


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  1. This is awesome! My hubby and I were just talking recently about starting a site, similar to Etsy where designers can sell home decor that doesn’t qualify for sale on Etsy. Considering it’s from the founders of OKL I’m assuming we can fetch slightly better prices than we would on Etsy too. Woohoo! I’ll be setting up my profile soon – if anyone wants a set of purple ghost chairs, they may be on there soon.

  2. Have you ordered from one kings lane? I am SO FRUSTRATED with that company. A few months ago we ordered dining room chairs. They were old and a steal. Well about 6 weeks after ordering we were informed that they had been damaged and we would not be receiving them. Then about 8 weeks ago we ordered a buffet. It was supposed to be delivered last Thursday. Thursday morning we get a call that the buffet had been damaged and would not be delivered. UGH. Get a new moving company? Or is the whole hung just a scam???? So annoyed

  3. Jane,

    I had a similar experience. I ordered a Chinese garden stool in turquoise from their “Downstairs” sale. I got one in apple green. I repurposed it to another room of the house. Still annoying though.

  4. Hmmmmm! I had a problem with them also. This was on a much smaller scale, just some salt and pepper shakers. But they were both missing the little rubber plug to keep the contents in place! They refunded my money and told me to just keep them. Now they’re decorative copper items. On the upside, I also ordered some beautiful fabric placemats and they arrived late, but perfect.

  5. This sounds like a great resource, especially if you’re looking to find a specific item for less than retail. Like EBay but a little more secure since it will be checked over. Very cool!

  6. I have been equally frustrated with OKL. Nothing I have ever ordered has been delivered- not available after all, damaged, etc. I still look and am tempted but have stopped seeing them as a viable source.

  7. I am glad to hear I am not the only one! I have had luck with a few vintage items from sellers on OKL, but two mirrors from their regular sales arrived damaged recently. The process for returns takes about a month.

    Perhaps the review that staffers provide on Hunter’s Alley will prevent this!

  8. Thanks for the head’s up Erin! I just bought the green chairs, I’m so darn excited, they were exactly what i was looking for and such a good price! Shipping was a little steep but I guess that’s par for the course.

    It was a little odd since they were in 20 other people’s carts but I guess no one pulled the trigger? Can’t wait to get them!

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