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We all spend lots of time pinning and pulling images of things we like, rooms that make us swoon and inspirational spaces.  But sometimes you can learn a lot by studying rooms you DON’T like.  I actually ask some clients to pull images of spaces they hate alongside ones they love because together they create a clear picture of what they want out of their space.

So here is a space that I straight up dislike. And no surprise, it’s a Kardashian home (not a fan of them, AT ALL) via Domaine Home. So let’s take a gander at Kourtney’s home, shall we….

Here’s the thing about this house, EVERYTHING is a statement. Everything. There is no place for your eye to rest and make the next statement feel special. It’s just an assault on your eyeballs in every square foot of space.  You know I love black and white stripes but this room is TOO much with the patterned floor as well and the crazy lighting topping it off.


MORE stripes! This room feels a little less offensive to me but again, with the bold art and the urchin light fixture it’s all just too much for me.


OMG, this kills me. The rug plus the wallpaper plus the primary colored sculpture and art. This is exactly what I would show someone if they asked me what I disliked in a home. Let the wall be the statement and pair it with simpler, classier art and accessories! GAH.


This room isn’t horrible on it’s own- I like the chandelier a lot and the chairs and fabric on the roman, but the host chairs make no sense to me.


Again, this isn’t horrendous but it is the point where I start wondering if there is wallpaper in EVERY room. I dig the black chairs though.


Yup, there is definitely wallpaper everywhere. With a traditional patterned backsplash this wallpaper feels all wrong. Forced, if you will. And the modern lights look off with the country cabinetry and curved bar top.  This to me reads as “we didn’t want to pay to change the cabinets so we’ll just throw a bunch of modern stuff everywhere instead.”  You CAN make traditional cabinetry look mroe modern, but it has to be subtler than this.  Don’t try to make a space something it’s not.


MORE wallpaper. I love wallpaper as much as the next girl, but you CANNOT use it in every room! Make it special and pick a couple rooms to use it in.  When you use bold, trendy items in every space nothing feels special or “wow”.  Also, if you do this your home will feel dated the second the wallpaper glue dries. Maybe that’s why she’s selling the house!


Patterned wallpaper, patterned drapes, patterned sofa AND rug. It’s all just too much for me. This much going on in every space makes me anxious.


I like the black walls and the rug and maybe even the desk chair, but this room to me just screams “2013 trends!!!!”


This pretty much sums it up for me (if only I had an Anthony to yell it for me).


What do you guys think? What are your least favorite trends?


  1. These people are the definition of gauche. Weary thing that Martin Luther king was fighting against when it came to rich vs poor income disparity. Disgusting.

  2. Some of those rooms look like a bad acid trip (let me qualify that statement), from what I have read about bad acid trips. By the way… simply adore your talent and blog.

  3. Knowing not one jot about design, I do rather like the kitchen and I do like the bathroom – I especially like the ceiling which seems to be some very shiny paint. The rest is too much.

  4. I can be as snarky as anyone but the snark is usually done in private. I get where you are coming from and don’t care for this style either. However, I can’t get on board with publicly shaming someone for there choices. It’s not your taste but then again, it’s not your home. This would have been just as effective if the homeowners name had not been mentioned. Just sayin’…

  5. Sorry, but not Sorry, I don’t see the difference in the “more is more” philosophy I see with Miles Redd sometimes and Kelly Wearstler. I don’t get it, it’s not my aesthetic and looks uncomfortable. With that said, it’s just not my taste and that’s ok. I really like interiors that are timeless, unfussy and comfortable.

  6. I looked at this way too early in the morning, my eyeballs are seared … and I’m a morning person! As you point out, there’s a lot to like but just too much everything.
    What don’t I like; too many prints in a room, too many jarring colors, too bland with NO strong punch, no sense of order or calm.

  7. Janet- I would never shame a private person, this is the Kardashians we are talking about here though. They make every aspect if their life public and I can’t feel bad about saying publicly I don’t like their house. I could say a lot worse about a lot more personal parts of them but that’s not my style.

  8. Anxiety. There is so much going on! Don’t get me wrong, those rooms are really fun, but I wouldn’t ever get to relax in them! haha

  9. As always Erin…you are spot on. The reason why I read your blog everyday is because I love and appreciate your candor :-)

  10. I agree that it looks like they just stuffed the house with statement pieces. I do like some of the fixtures but the mix of patterns is simply too much. This home is featured regularly on television so there is absolutely no harm in mentioning the owner. People would figure it out anyhow.

  11. I have to agree. There is just way to much going on in these rooms! Everyone should have their own personal style and what makes them happy, but for me this is just a chaotic and hectic space. I appreciate that they are bold and daring with their decor, but it’s way over the top for me.

  12. Insta-headache! Looks like a home that’s a combo of everything ever collected and discarded by all family members..”I have 2 extra chairs from that place I moved out of, and some extra wallpaper from Kanye’s bachelor pad gone wrong”. Although I know that’s not the case this family has ZERO personal taste or style..they buy only what’s pricey and put it all together in nauseating vignettes of all aspects of their lives.

  13. Haha, best GIF ever. I’m not at all surprised that this a Kardashian home, I don’t exactly look to them for subtlety or elegance. To each his own, but I agree, it’s good to be aware of what you hate so you can better identify what you like.

  14. This also reminds me of the advantages of a home that is curated over time with pieces you love and investments you’ve had to wait for. How many times I have wished I had the money to decorate my house all at once. Also, I think the picture that sums it up best is the library with the books all grouped by color. Can you really buy books by color like that? Or did the designer paint them? Good grief, that’s hysterical.

  15. So much blind following on pinterest etc. I love looking (just looking) at the images for their sheer spectacle. Agreed: much to be learned from not liking things. And clients can often far more easily share what they DO NOT like. They are fearless in this area and it lends itself to easy discussions. I can’t imagine living with that much “boom boom pow!” in my face. And don’t get me started on rooms and designs that use every trend “happening” at the moment. ;)

  16. I can’t say this is a space I would live in, but I’m sure there are people out there who would love this. There’s a lot of really great inspiration in this home just wish they would have used one little detail at a time, NOT let’s all throw it into this one room. And the next. And the one after that.

  17. I actually really like it. I got the email from Domaine this weekend and loved seeing all the rooms. I see only some of them on the show. It is very Jonathan Adler-ish. And the designer- Jeff Andrews is highly highly respected in the industry. He also did the parents re-do house as well.

    In the article it talks about how Kourtney is usually very calm and likes neutrals including black and white. (everyone in that family loves black and white) But she decided to do color and wanted it to be “fun”! She said said the reason they are leaving is because they need more space now that she has two kids.

    I think it’s a great example of trends and looking at how wallpaper can make an impact. I don’t necessarily think it should all be used at one time. But to say that it’s awful is definitely not fair. There are several trends and decorating ideas that I see in blog after blog including this one. Even if the one room is 2013, it’s not reasonable to update your home every year for most people. Definitely smart to choose timeless pieces that will hold through the years.

    She has the money and time to pick what she wants and have her homes redone, so kudos to her. I love that she loves design and that we get to see certain celebrities and their homes. I felt this way about Tori Spelling’s home when her’s was on display as well as Guiliana Rancic’s. Very neat to see a peak in to their lives. Even if it’s not what we all would like.

    Just my two cents.

  18. Its not at all surprising to me that this is what the house looks like. Take black and white, metallics and “kelly wearstler” run it through the kardashian filter, and this is what comes out. Pretty consistent.

  19. With some editing and tweaking these spaces could be awesome. There are some individual pieces that are really badass. A little more negative space to rest your eyes would be nice. I would like to see a few more vintage or antique pieces mixed in. It is extremely stimulating.
    Very respectfully, the difference between these spaces and a “Miles” space is the layers in the “K” space are filled with every current trend (horns, chevrons, flame stitch, color wheel books, hides, fur throws, brass, wallpaper, Sputnik chandy, etc). Miles, does not decorate according to trends, he sets them. His spaces are animated and curious without being contrived. In addition, he is just the nicest, most humble, guy ever.

  20. There’s a reason it’s called a “statement” and if it’s in every room, then it stops being a statement. Imagine how satisfying it will be for the new homeowner to rip down all that wallpaper!

  21. I agree Kristin- I love me an over the top Miles room- it’s “more is more” but done elegantly. I don’t find this elegant at all.

    Of course everyone has their own opinion- if you like this look, more power to you, that’s totally cool- I’m certainly not the end all be all of design opinions! It’s just MY take on it, as I said.

  22. Love your overarching point about how what you don’t like can often affirm what direction you should head in. I think this is true in design, and just generally in life. Sometimes you aren’t totally clear on what you love or want, but even knowing what you definitely DON’T can be hugely informative. There are myriad options, and it helps to eliminate the ones you can, to further hone in on what’s right for you.

  23. The fact that she LIKES to think of the decor as “Alice in Wonderland meets Beetlejuice” is hilarious. There is some self-awareness there that I love. And while it is not my look (guessing anyone that follows your blog has a different aesthetic) a part of me kinda applauds her balls out approach. Most of us are such slaves to the subtle elegance, old money, perfect mix of tradish/modern/rustic that seeing someone passionately do the opposite is a good reminder that design is supposed to make you happy, and that may not always be what is on trend.

  24. I actually quite enjoyed it! Granted, it’s not how I would decorate my own home (if given her budget), but I applaud her for stepping out of her comfort zone and having some fun! I’m kind of tired of seeing the same decor aesthetic everywhere, and people who follow all the rules in the book in order to avoid making mistakes…making sure their house looks perfectly decorated.

    Her house doesn’t look too serious, and certainly has tons of personality and character…


  25. The house is too over- the-top for my taste but I do like many elements and pieces. The main take away for me in your blog post was the knowing what you don’t like thing. As a complete design moron, I really have no problem articulating what I hate, don’t care for, or, in some cases like, but it’s just not “me”. I’d imagine a designer could take a lot of “don’t like’s” and come around to designing a space that the client really likes. In fact, it might be a fun exercise, (if you could get a client to participate ) to try to do that-design a space with nothing but negative input from the client. I think it could work!

  26. Goodness! That all gives me a headache! I love wallpaper and am dying to redo our downstairs half bath because I have just the right paper for it but that will be it!! Someone really should have stopped the paper explosion!

  27. My original “snappy comeback” on this was “did Bobby Trendy throw up in every single room of this house?” but then I realized that, the Anna Nicole show notwithstanding, Bobby Trendy’s style is actually more restrained than this.

    Of course, to each their own. But this just doesn’t look like anyone’s “own.”

  28. This house is definitely not my taste, but did you see Penelope’s nursery? It was the only picture you did not include and I thought it was precious. Yes, it was very trendy and pink, but it was the best of the rooms featured in the article in my opinion. The article said that was the only room in the house that Kourtney didn’t get any help with…either way, I like that she just totally went for it!

  29. I think the idea of having clients pull images of rooms and homes that they do not like is a great idea. I remember pulling pictures of flowers I DID NOT like for the florist for my wedding so that she could be sure not to create a particular look for my bouquet/the flowers for the wedding, etc. It worked out very well.

    This house has so many great pieces. It is very Kardashian and that works for them. It is not at all my taste but it makes me appreciate the spaces I see on your blog and on Pinterest that are a little more!

  30. I’m not a huge fans of the Kardashian’s either but I think there some really amazing pieces shown. I do think the designer could have reigned it in a little…ultimately it’s also their reputation on the line.

  31. The primary colors in the foyer are the WORST offense. That wallpaper is so beautiful and its just ruined. The kitchen is as horrendous as the black and white tea kettles used to style it. And speaking of styling, why did they insist on styling with their kids tents? Gross. I do like a lot of the fabrics and wallpapers, just really tacky and unconsidered applications. Why is all that money wasted on those with lack of taste?

  32. Agreed all the way Miss Erin! The whole house is an assault on your eyes and I would have a panic attack living in there!

    And you do NOT need to apologize for your opinions! Especially on the Kardashians. They are TERRIBLE in every sense of the word. The kitchen is by far the worst part in my opinion. If you have the money to throw wallpaper at every room why OH WHY would you not fix the cabinets?! What could have been cool was a tile backsplash that mimicked that wallpaper somewhere else in the house, like in the neighboring living room.

    It makes me so sad when people with unlimited budgets are just concerned with throwing as much into a house as possible so you can SEE the money dripping from every inch. Where has beautiful, glamorous understatement gone?! Why not spend your dolla bills on a gorgeous chaise in your master covered in $300/yd mohair or Gracie wallpaper in your dining or powder bath or your CLOSET? I mean, why don’t they just go ahead and start framing $100 bills on the walls?

    Poor Kardashians……”Money can’t buy you claaaassssssss!!!”

    Keep up the opinions girl-YOU DO YOU!


  33. I love the way you writte straigh-forward-slap-in-tha-face-type-of-girl!! This might sound very bad in English but it could be the literal translation of a Portuguese expression. Oh well I’m sure you understand what I mean… It’s like BOyyy I like the way you writte! I did a post on Jeff Andrews and the K house, two days ago too but I was way softer than you and just called it a tv scenario (that in Portugal has to have too many accent stuff). I do like the pateo and penelope’s pink bedroom a lot but all the rest I agree with you 100%.

  34. There are elements in each room that I really like but I agree- all of it put together is too much. I also feel like the rooms are very much independent and there isn’t a flow or harmony between them.

  35. I agree that this decor is totally over the top.. but what I think is not being considered is that this homes is essentially a very large television studio set. They utilize all of the texture and neutral color as background shots, and it creates interesting camera shadows and light effects. I wouldn’t be surprised if a set designer, not a traditional designer had their hand in this design for this very reason.

  36. While I agree with your post today entirely, I want to hear your thoughts on SAG awards fashion- particularly Kerry washing tons pink crop top in light of last Friday’s fashion Friday tribute. Thoughts?

  37. I completely agree with you but you didn’t even show the worse room – the master bedroom! Way over kill.

  38. I really love this decor. Although, I do agree your point on all of the wallpaper. This decor is over the top, full of trends, and overindulgent, but that’s what makes me like it! It is the modern interpretation of the over the top gold, formal, ornate, regal decor that’s seen in classic regal decor.

  39. I feel sad that you would show these beautiful photos on your blog to say bad things. You just lost a reader. I find I have less and less room in my life for haters.

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