Breakfast of Champions & A Question

Well it’s Monday…again. The weekends go by SO fast (which is ok since whatever we can do to get closer to spring is fine by me).  I’ve posted pics of my various morning smoothies on Instagram and people always ask what’s in them. So here is what I put in my very favorite morning smoothie, perfect to get going on Monday (plus then you feel like you at least did ONE good thing for your body for the day should you end up snarfing down grilled cheese for lunch!)

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Monday Morning Smoothie

1/2 a ripe banana

1 big handful baby spinach

4-5 chunks of fresh pineapple (not frozen or canned!)

Juice of 1/2 a lemon

1-2 tbs. of vanilla whey protein powder

3/4 c-1 c. vanilla coconut milk ( add as you blend to right consistency, may be less, may be more)

1 tbs. flaxseed

*Blend at a high speed in a blender until very smooth. Enjoy. (P.S. I still am dying for a Vitamix!)

Once you’ve powered up with your smoothie please take a second to quickly answer this question for me- I have the ability to sell a select number of copies of the book (signed) through the blog and want to get a general idea of how many I should try to get to do so! Thanks SO much!

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  1. Awesome! I am obsessed with my Vitamix. So clutch for my morning smoothie. I do a very similar one to yours & find that the order I put the ingredients in make all the difference in the world. I usually do vanilla/coconut milk first, then ground flax, a small scoop of choc or vanilla protein powder (currently using Isagenix, it’s just ok), then 2 big handfuls of spinach, and then the fruit on top to weigh it down. Currently loving frozen dark cherries & a banana. Then lots of ice after blending, I need it to be COLD or else game over.

  2. Erin: Get the Vitamix. I recently bought one, and I have used it every single day. It is low maintenance – easy to clean. You will not regret it. I bought mine @ Bloomingdales Chestnut Hill.

  3. I’ll purchase a signed book from you in whatever way sees more money in your pocket in the end. So excited!
    I bought a masticating juicer last year and find it really easy to use and clean–but then I wanted juices to last at least 24 hrs.

  4. I would buy your book, can’t wait to see it, and having it signed by you would be awesome! Can’t see the survey.

  5. I wait in eager anticipation for your book!!! I hope I can order through the blog before they are snapped up!

  6. I do a similar tropical smoothie, but instead of spinach I do kale and I throw a kiwi in. The kiwi really covers up the taste of the greens.

    I also switch it up and do a pomegranate berry smoothie:

    1 cup kale
    1 small banana
    1/2 cup coconut water
    1/2 cup POM juice
    1 tablespoon chia seed
    1 tablespoon flax seed
    1 cup mixed berries
    3-4 mini “snack” carrot sticks

  7. I am obsessed with smoothies right now. Thanks for sharing this recipe. It sounds delicious. I too wanted a Vitamix, but I decided to try the more cost friendly Ninja. I have had it for a little over a month and it works quite well.

  8. Erin, I also just bought a Vitamix and I swear it’s the best purchase I’ve made in years! You will not regret it if you get one, especially if you’re already enjoying smoothies on a regular basis. Love your blog, thanks for the daily fun!

  9. Got my Vitamix for Christmas – I love it!!!
    I make similar smoothies with spinach, pineapple and banana, then I add
    coconut water (great source of Potassium) – no protein powder though, there
    is too much sugar and preservatives in there for my taste!

  10. Love the smoothie idea! I do something similar in the warmer months. For now, I’ve been rocking a lot of homemade oatmeal for breakfast. Something about waking up to sub-zero temperatures makes me crave the oats!

    Can’t wait to see how the book turned out!

  11. I adore your blog and I’m all for healthy eating, but I think when people start documenting everything they eat, the smoothies, cleanses, etc…it gets into dicey territory of promoting the diet mentality (and based on your blog I know that is not what you want to represent). Be cautious. Keep things light (the blog, not the smoothies ;)

  12. I just got a Vitamix for Christmas and it was so worth the wait! I have wanted it for years and it did not disappoint. Go for it!

    Can’t wait for the book!

  13. Nancy and SK- I rarely document what I eat, this is only one kind of breakfast I eat, I don’t have this every day. Please don’t assume I am not taking care of myself based on one post.

  14. Erin – you should check out the KitchenAid Diamond blender. We have smoothies every day similar to the ones you make, and the KitchenAid is perfect for this. The size and price are both a better fit than the Vitamix for the everyday cook/kitchen (we paid $99 at Costco after a $20 instant manufacturers rebate)!

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