Blockprint & Beaches: Welcome Pomegranate, Inc.

I know in a good portion of the country the weather is dipping into historically low temperatures, and so I thought a little sunshine and bright color would do us all a lot of good. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to be all “it’s after Christmas, therefore let’s talk about spring non-stop”…..oh no!  We have a WAYS to go before the s-word is on our tongues. I mean, I saw shorts and bikinis on the “new arrivals” racks at Bloomie’s and nearly had a fit.  But when we face below zero temperatures we need a little hope, am I right?  And what’s happier than the beach, dining outside and bunches of block prints? Not much! It’s a great time to introduce a new EOS sponsor Pomegranate, Inc too.

How badly do you want to be here right now?


A summery table.


I adore a good block print- I’ve used this paper in a powder room and it’s lovely.


Caftans and tunics in a bohemian print are my FAVORITE thing to wear in the summer (India Hicks looks pretty stunning in this one!)


AHHHHHHHH….. yes please.


So let’s so a little daydreaming about setting a summer table with these awesome block print napkins (I adore the anchor ones and actually got my mom the oven mitts for her new beach house for Christmas!)

ahoy_napks_large asha_pink_nap_large

annisa_green_napkins_large avasapphire_Napkin_large

Their raffia placemats with inset border are a favorite of mine.  But they also have these pom pom trimmed ones and print as well.  If tablecloths are more your thing, there is a BEVY in similar prints to the napkins above too!

raffiaappliqueDBLUE IMG_8169-Edit


Kitchen prep with oven mitts and aprons.

annisa_green_mitts lyford_blue_apron

These pillows and quilts are SO adorable in little ones rooms.

ele_blue_pillow_large ele_pink_quilt

They introduced great bathrobes (love this one), pajamas and tunics (on sale!) in their prints as well!


Screen_Shot_2013-06-04_at_3.18.46_PM Screen_Shot_2013-06-04_at_2.48.02_PM

I mean, come on! The little anchor tunic? I know a few little ladies who would be just DARLING in this!


Some cute totes and clutches are available too, for beach excursions and seaside dinners.

POOPPY_coral-copy_1 cococlutchblack_large

Back to the frigid temperatures for now….unless you live somewhere warm already, then LUCKY YOU (can I come visit?)



  1. Oh duh, nevermind, you told us at the very beginning of the post! Guess I got caught up in all those pretty prints! :)

  2. I have an embarrassing amount of their table linens and I can not praise them enough! Years ago, they made makeup pouches in 3 sizes and I have I think 25 of them still, so glad I hoarded them, as they stopped making them. Basically every time I saw a new pattern I bought all 3 sizes. Seriously though, I have napkins that have been used for years and are still bright and perfect looking, love, love, love this company!

  3. What a treat to have my living room featured on your beautiful blog. I adore block prints and have them in clothes, wallpaper, bed linen and table linens, lovely post.

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