Girly Glam Gifts with Kate Spade New York

Got some ladies on your list? Guaranteed. There are a few brands that are a go-to for me when looking for girly gifts and Kate Spade New York is one of those! Here are some holiday gift ideas from them along with a look back at some of my favorite ad images from the brand:


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. (fits awesome) // 11. (a USB!) // 12. // 13. // 14. // 15.

While we’re on the topic of Kate Spade, I waned to gather a collection of some of my most favorite ads from their past.  They have such a strong artistic edge, I simply LOVE them. Some of my favorite ads of all time.

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(can I be friends with this couple? no, can I BE this couple?)







*This post is sponsored by Kate Spade New York. Opinions and selections my own.

11 Responses to “Girly Glam Gifts with Kate Spade New York”

  1. I have been dying to smell the Kate Spade candle but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere!


  2. Fabulous post, Erin!! I love Kate Spade!
    There are so many wannabes out there. They just can’t do it! We have a new Kate Spade store here, and it is outrageously beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Meg says:

    Sponsored post in some way? Kinda feels like it. (Not that the brand isn’t lovely!)

  4. I mean, can Kate Spade do anything wrong? I have their coffee table book and I’m honestly considering purchasing another so I can remove some of the pages and frame them.

    Love all the picks! Great post.

  5. PJ says:

    Great, now I want a hen for Christmas. It’s the only thing that will do for the kitchen counter.

  6. jillian says:

    love that mug :) xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  7. Lulu E says:

    What are thise gold French nistro chairs called and where can I find?!? I really want them fir ny DR :-) Thank you!! Great post!! Love Kate Spade!

  8. franki says:

    The gal’s got it!! franki

  9. Barby says:

    That’s my yellow-rimmed dinnerware pictured in the lower right ad! LOVE IT.

  10. Julia says:

    Gah I love Kate Spade…amazing, all of it!


  11. Alma says:

    I love Kate Spade. Beautiful pictures.