1. Expectations versus reality! That is so true for many things. Expectation (fantasy): an elegant evening of beautiful dress, delicious food,dancing and people behaving nicely. Reality (reality): none of that. Solution: stay home and make your own elegance.

  2. Relaxing and staying in is my preferred option for celebrating New Year’s! Love that stationary collaboration w/ Sugar Paper & J.Crew. I am a hoarder of fancy desk/stationary products – can’t get enough. Happy New Year, Erin!

  3. For the first time in nearly 30 years, I’m going out New Year’s Eve. I have unrealistic expectations – I’m hoping to meet a nice man somewhere around my age! But the reality is that 59-year-old men are not interested in 59-year-old women, so I’ll end up people-watching instead.

  4. I agree on “going out”. We have dinner in front of the fireplace, sometimes just us, sometimes with friends. … and finish in the hot tub under a starry night. I’ve been a lot happier with that.

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