Fashion Friday: Baby It’s Cold Outside

No seriously. It’s freezing. I’m all kinds of miserable in frigid temperatures, except for all the great sweaters, boots and jackets I get to wear!!! I just bought two new pairs of winter boots this week (new UGGS are essential in New England), inspired by our incoming snowstorm this weekend.  Here’s a cute outfit that will keep you warm and looking great even when the mercury dips.


1. (love this one too)// 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. (yes it’s crazy expensive but the only thing that keeps my skin hydrated all day!)


  1. I think I need those UGGs! My Boston winter gear needs a serious upgrade for the winter we’re already having in Chicago. Cold like I’ve never felt before!!

  2. Absolutely love this. Looking to invest in the real deal for #1. Any ideas?

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of your winter must-have’s, as it is so challenging for us Boston gals to look cute and stay bundled!

  3. Ladies, just be aware that UGGS are otherwise known as Ugg Boots as in UGH = yuk in Australia – where they come from, yes they’re wonderfully snug and warm, but they’re slippers and you MUST NOT wear them outside unless you want to be known as a bogan/chav and the only American version of the same I can think of would be trailer trash… Sorry if that offends, but seriously Ugg boots are inside only footwear!

  4. Erin, I have an old pair of Uggs I wear but after I saw the videos on Peta’s website about the Australian wool industry I vowed to never buy another pair. As a huge animal lover I just can’t do it after watching the cruelty. I know from following your blog that you also are an animal lover and love your dogs like they are your children. So I wanted to pass this on because I think it may make a difference for you. And it seems like the faux fur Uggs aren’t great either….that PETA video is even worse.

  5. Oops, the other video is actually related to knock-off Uggs and where that fur comes from, not faux-fur Uggs.

  6. Great post! I was actually looking for a reasonably priced tank watch with a black leather band. I ordered & love it. Your blog is my favorite, so well rounded.

  7. You should try Bobbi Brown’s hydrating face cream. I also remember using her night cream during the day one winter. My face is also really dry this time of year and her options are much cheaper than La Mer!!

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