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2013 was an incredible year for me. Not only did I produce and write a book ( a f@#king book, you guys! A real one!) I also saw my little company grow by leaps and bounds, bought and renovated a house of my very own and got to meet Oprah and shake her hand. OPRAH.  It was a year of milestones. One for the books, if you will.  But I have found that the more success I achieve, the harder I am on myself to do MORE. Reaching goals once thought unattainable fuel the fire of my imagination and confidence, leaving me overwhelmed with ideas about what else I might be able to do if I work hard enough.  Because it’s all possible with hard work and a little luck. ALL OF IT.  Andrew is probably rolling his eyes at this rarely heard positivity from me, but it’s true. I never in a million years thought any of the above was possible. And look what happened.  So I have some goals for 2014 that are a little less on the “bucket list” side and a more on the “tweaking my life to make it more enjoyable” side.



I’ve been committed for sure, taking a few days off for the holidays nearly killed me with anxiety and guilt. But I want to bring fresher, exciting , unique content to this site in 2014.  It’s given me everything I have (business-wise) so I want to respect that and never phone it in.  But one person can only do so much- I toy with bringing on a person or two to post also…. what are your thoughts on that?  What else might you want to see?



I love being outside, but I don’t try hard enough to spend quality, active time outside. Sitting on the patio drinking wine does not make me “outdoorsy”. I want to hike more. Investigate this amazing part of the country I live in.  And other parts too- I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon for example! I want to go! I want to ride horses in Montana on a dude ranch!  I want to see New Orleans! Ok, maybe I’ll start with a simple hike….



I used to be a die hard yogi. As I got busier I let my commitment slip. I have taken to half-assed treadmill and weight workouts at the gym instead.  But I never feel better then when I get to a couple yoga classes a week and really wring all my tension out.  I need to get back into that (especially since Andrew got me that coveted yoga mat for Xmas!)  I also want to start taking barre classes, I have a great studio LITERALLY two blocks from my house and a 10 pack of classes waiting for me. JUST GO ERIN! I fear people will laugh me out of the studio, and I need to get over that. I’ll just be all “Go ahead and laugh at my tuck, I’ve met Oprah”.



I love to paint. I’ve painted a few things for my own home that people have asked to buy. I want to make time to paint more. It’s so relaxing (unless I’m hating how it’s coming out and then it’s all curse words and ferocious brush swatting). I want to take my time and work on things slowly. And maybe sell them. But mostly do it for myself. I did get a bachelors degree in it, after all.



This one should be easy-peasy with the new beach house my parents built this year!  But beyond that, I happen to live on the coast of an awesome part of America. I want to drive up to Maine and walk the beach, or just to Rockport and have lunch on the water. It’s rejuvenating and healing and I can think of no place I am happier than by the water. Ok, maybe cuddling in Ryan Goslings arms as we watch The Notebook. Just kidding honey. (Not really).



When your super, duper busy as I was this year taking care of yourself seems to fall by the wayside. I’ve been drinking too much wine. And not eating the best food I can (I was introduced to the McDonald’s Snack Wrap this year and HOT DAMN.) I can feel knots in my shoulders and my skin looks sallow. No matter how busy 2014 is I want to take better care of myself. Cook better food, take the time to pamper myself a little, and drink less wine ( but French women drinks lots of wine and they look good so do I really have to?)



We’ve been talking about this for months, and I want to just BOOK a trip to Italy with Andrew for the spring. We deserve it. He is so awesome to travel with (me- not so much- I pretty much turn into Linda Blair if faced with a plane delay). I have amassed a ton of Amex points and we just need to DO IT.  The last time I was in Italy I was 16 with my all girls boarding school peers and it was the most magical trip ever- I can’t imagine how fabulous it would be now! The question is- Rome and Florence? Florance and Tuscany? Rome and Poisitano?



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I may talk the talk, but I’m not walking the walk as fully as I could be. I’m financially really conservative most of the time and spending money scares me.  But I need to BELIEVE in what I’m doing and INVEST in it. This year might be tough as I also plan on investing in my house and starting that addition renovation we so desperately need (one full bathroom is not working), but I can do more for my business and NEED to.  Investing in myself and my business is a vote of confidence in myself I need to cast.

Thank you all for such an amazing year, all your support, comments, letters and hellos when we cross paths out in the world. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!


  1. Erin, I lOVE your unique voice . Your posts always seem fresh and spontaneous (even if you do plan them ahead ) I read your blog because of YOU. I always seem to stop reading the posts of contributors….. The whole deal becomes faceless . I simply want to add my voice so that you grasp how much your readers love YOUR voice.

  2. Love your posts! I echo the others on hitting up your blog for you and yourvoice! Perhaps try out several guest posters to see about metrics and overall vibe…

    Re Italy I use to live there and have traveled extensively. You can’t go wrong :) that’s one thing you can breathe a sigh of relief on! Until you are there it will be hard to tell if you are a Florence or Rome kinda gal, if you love Venice or the Amalifi coast.

    My two cents: take a two week vacation at least- 3 if you can swing it. You won’t regret it EVER.

    In Venice make sure you get away from all the tourists and get the tour of the casino turned alliance francaise (which is hidden in plain site in tourist land).

    In Florence enjoy rooftop cocktails at a superposh hotel (there are several), do go to “the mall” for outlet shopping if you like Italian designer brands and stroll e oltrarno for artisans shops like no other.

    Do the chianti region of Tuscany for a day or two if possible- San gimignano is great!

    In Rome…. Golly Rome is such a magical romantic city… Book waaaay in advance w katieparla.com to get you insider access for tours and the best food.

    And…. La costliera amalfitana is bomb. Don’t miss villa Cimbrone and ravelllo. Make sure you go when you can swim! Obvi Capri, and Pompeii.

    If you love some decorative arts, the Regiia di caserta is unreal for historic homes.

    Ha and we haven’t done Sicily or sardegna or Elba! So much goodness. Remember: you can’t go wrong!!!!!

    Can’t wait to see your Italy posts!

  3. My thought about blog contributors is that it’s fine if want to introduce another blogger to give her some exposure. But it’s not necessary to fill in weekly with guest bloggers. I don’t understand the need to post every day or twice a day. Just do it as you can, and when your post shows up in my Bloglovin’ feed, I’ll read it. I don’t even know why people use guest contributors while on vacation. Just enjoy vacation! Your blog shouldn’t stress you out. Obviously it’s given you some recognition and followers, but those of us who like your style will come back to hear you, not to hear someone else. If I want to hear from someone else, I’ll read her blog. Do take some extra time for you this year … and we’ll be here whenever you have a chance to post!

  4. Love these resolutions, especially the “spend more time by the ocean!” All these pictures I am seeing of people spending NYE at the beach is making me jealous :).

    Love your blog and ideas, especially hearing about your home renovation process. I’m in the process of one as well and can definitely relate!

  5. I do love your voice and from the looks of it, so do your readers. I totally understand your apprehension about using a guest blogger, but it would’t hurt to give it a try. Definitely book your trip and stop just thinking about it…there are no regrets in Italy only exceptional wine and food. Good luck with the barre classes…they are amazing!!

  6. I love my Bar Method workout! I started in July 2012 and now I’m now a 5/week participant. This year I signed up for the 1 year membership – that’s commitment! I love it, I’m a total addict! It really takes you away from everything for 1 hour and sculpts your body like no other – so I think you would really enjoy it!

    On another note, I know you are crazy busy these days, but I love your blog voice, and it will be really hard to learn to like another contributor. At the very least, don’t give up “fashion friday’s,” they are my fav!

  7. Love love this blog.
    Go to Rome. And stay there. The best advice I ever got was to stay in one city per trip. Get to really know it. Live the “life”. (I took that a little literally and moved there…) Each region (Lazio, Tuscany, etc.) Is so much bigger and better then it’s main city…

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