Throwback Thursday: Black Honey


If you don’t count the $.99 frosty pink Wet-n-Wild lipstick I bought with my allowance at CVS when I was in elementary school, the first REAL “lipstick” I ever had was Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick.  That slim silver tube and unmistakable light green packaging made me feel like an adult. So when I actually became an adult, I oddly associated it with childhood and brushed past it every time I went to Sephora in search of the perfect lip gloss.  As a non-lipstick girl (I own not one actual lipstick) I tend to stick to glosses and tinted balms so not revisiting this classic was actually pretty silly.

Well, last weekend I was repeating that same quest but instead this time I stopped at the Clinique section. Huh, I thought, Black Honey, I do recall it being a perfect sheer berry color. Perhaps I should try it again.  So I tried on the Superbalm version and lo and behold- the most perfect shade of gloss for winter, plus it was super moisturizing and had lots of shine. And at $15 it’s less than a lot of fancy glosses and balms I’ve bought. Why I have skipped over this old cult favorite for years I will never know. But I’m sure glad I gave it another chance.


Do you have a cult favorite product you’ve been using for years? One you’ve rediscovered recently? Share the wealth!

P.S. Don’t forget- tonight Andrew and I are hosting the opening party for J. McLaughlin at The Street in Chestnut Hill from 6-8 p.m. with a percentage of proceeds benefiting the Animal Rescue League! Please stop by if you are in the area!


  1. Black honey is the only “lipstick” I have worn for years. I didn’t know they made it in a balm. I may have to try that. I don’t like anything that feels sticky though.
    The other staple in my makeup drawer is almay one coat. I have very sensitive eyes and it’s the only mascara I can wear!

  2. Great product. I now love Smashbox BB cream. Smooth, not greasy like others
    I have tried and includes SPF.

  3. Laurie, my high school best friend (in the 70s), wore grown-up Clinique makeup.
    Tubes of Black Honey (her “stick”) were always on her dressing table and another in her purse.
    It’s still her shade, 38 years later, and she still calls it her “stick “.

  4. Laura Mercier Bare Lips or Baby Lips Sheer lipstick! Also, Nivea Lip Balm (made in Germany). Never over pay for a lip balm again!!!!

  5. No doubt… L’Oreal voluminous mascara in blackest black…have been wearing it for 20 years. Will be trying the back honey!

  6. Bonne Bell Dr.Pepper lip balm. Shit you not.

    I’ve used it since high school, and even though I’m a product junkie and have bought a bajillion lip balms, glosses, tints, and stains in the thoughts of finding another holy grail, I always come back to the Dr.P. Great smelling, cheap as heck, and a perfect hint of color.

    I’ve turned on many a friend (and my sister!) to it and I have one in every coat pocket and drawer.

  7. I liked that if I put on like 25 coats it got really dark and made me look whorish. That really pleased my mother. Another winner from Clinique was “Guava Stain.” That was when my mother was trying to get me to wear something “real and ladylike.” I still walk right by Clinique… I think I associate it with free gifts. (i.e. get a new bag for your tampons.)

  8. I wore this in HS, too and had forgotten about it until a couple months ago when I saw it on Pinterest! It’s my go-to again after all these years!

  9. Poor Clinique! How did we all become such snobs?! I too am guilty of turning up my nose as I walk past the Clinique counter. But with the winter weather/dry lip season upon us, I start to buy 1000 moisturizing lip balms/moisturizers/sticks/etc. Like, I can hardly check out at the market without throwing one for $2.50 on the belt, and then I’m walking through Nordstrom and buying two or three at $25 a pop! So when I heard friends raving about Clinique’s Chubby Sticks, I caught myself and my “too hip” attitude and bought one at Sephora. I’ve since gone online for two more colors and I love, love, love them!

  10. There must have been a letter that went out to junior high moms about Black Honey, because it was my first “lipstick” as well…

  11. The first lipstick I remember really really liking was Clinique’s “Tenderheart” shade. I wore in for most of college. A few months ago after not finding anything I liked, I went back to it. I am still not sure why I stopped (and spent so much time and money on other shades and brands.)

  12. I can’t believe you don’t own ONE lipstick! I was really shocked to read this. I completely picture you with a fabulous red lip, but apparently it’s all in my imagination (creepy).

  13. Please tell me you’ll be posting photos of tonight’s party for those of us on the other coast who can’t drop in. Will Andrew be wearing his Christmas pants? I hope so…

  14. wait you dont own lipstick???? impossible lipstick is the best with just mascara-get some lipstick girl you ll die over it:)

  15. My first Black Honey tube was obtained when I traded my seldom used crimping iron for my best friend’s tube of Black Honey. I had never even been to a Clinique counter. I have had at least one tube on the go ever since. Black honey is a favorite, even though I worked for Chanel makeup through college, it’s always been my favorite lip color. As a previous poster wrote, Black Honey is also perfect as a winter blush. FYI: I am currently OBSESSED with Salma Hayek’s Nuance skincare line. My skin has never looked better and I’ve tried tons of high end skincare, including Chanel, cle de peau and Creme de la Mer.

  16. I wore this in high school and college, too! I was just thinking about it the other day so it’s so funny that you wrote about it. I think I need to go get some more!

  17. Benefits benetint. I buy it again and again! Oh and Laura Mercier secret camaflouge cream. And EOS lip balm – cheap and awesome.

  18. Had to snicker as everything you wrote is so very true (I’m a year older than you)…did Black Honey in high school and found a old tube of it a couple years ago in my old bathroom at my parents house. I still have it even now-its got to be at least 15 years old now- scary I just admitted that.

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