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I just wrapped up a quick Christmas shoot yesterday so my house seems to have skipped Thanksgiving entirely this year. But not so for most of you, I’m sure.  Crazy, complicated tablescapes are gorgeous and fun but most of us don’t have time for that (plus, when your table is full of gourds and wheat bundles, where does the food go? Stuffing and other various carbs is more important to me than a basket full of miniature pumpkins covered in gold glitter). So my advice? A simple flower arrangement (cabbages and dahlias look lovely) and some cool place cards add just enough cheer without overwhelming your table.  Here are some fun place card ideas:

Get some gold spray paint, a few fallen dried leaves and a paint pen and whip these up!


Or skip the gold spray paint and use a white paint pen on darker dried leaves:


How SWEET are these rosemary wreaths??? Simple too– and they’ll work great for Christmas tables!


Write down what you are thankful for about each person at your table along with their name on these great letterpress cards.


OK, seriously? Who has the time and the hand/ eye coordination to do these? But they are SO SO COOL. If you can pull this off, a tip of my hat to you.


Simple wheat stalks tied with metal frames paper tags.


Hire a calligrapher to do some for you on Etsy!


How friggin’ ADORABLE is this for the kids table?? Just a small paper bag wrapped around some candy, apparently.


A single sprig of rosemary wrapped with a small banner shaped name tag.


A die cut paper leaf and green wire added to a small white pumpkin. (Reminds me of this hysterical McSweeney’s article. A classic.)


Blank wood leaves are simple but substantial. Practice your best handwriting!


This is also amazing for the kids table- use big maps as tablecloths and little ships as place cards. How to HERE.


I used miniature pears and gold tipped tacks as the place cards for my wedding! Also great for Thanksgiving tables, as is the idea of clustering old family photos as a centerpiece.


Little walnuts with tiny banners! Also cute when spray painted gold (but what isn’t?)


Rustic but modern wood and air plant place cards make a KILLER take home!


Here are some favorite Thanksgiving entertaining finds!


  1. Yeah!! Thanks for these. I just started thinking about collecting ideas and now I don’t have to! You are so right about clogging the table.

  2. Love this whole post. Everything is beautiful, but when you said “where does the food go?” cracked me up. I always wonder that too. Everyone else must have a LOT more room than I do. :)

  3. These ideas are all so cute and easy! I’m with you on the stuffing…way more important than a centerpiece!

  4. The paper bag turkey leg is it! My kids love to help decorate the table. Thanks for inspiring our T-giving art project.

  5. I did a follow-up post on your “Gone to the Dogs” post from yesterday on my own blog! Hope it helps the pups!!

    love from LA,

  6. I always have a little crossword puzzle (google it) with kiddos names, etc. beside their plates…5 minutes for us is a flashing moment for them…”is it time to eat yet??” :) Beautiful photos!! franki

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