Gift Guides 2013: For Him

Men are the hardest people to shop for, unless they have a hobby or passion for something like cooking, Star Wars or beer. So here are some ideas based on living with my husband and being raised with three brothers.


1. Shawl collar sweaters are HOT. They just ARE. (* 25% off today with code WINTER)

2. Designer BBQ sauce. I don’t know a single guy who doesn’t love BBQ sauce.

3.  Hysterical and adorably package chocolate bar made with bacon and potato chips! Perfect stocking stuffer!

4. Also funny, perhaps for Dad, a book on understanding rap music.

5. The coolest gadget this season- Coin– which will keep his wallet from ruining his back jeans pocket from how big it is. Read about it here and pre-order yours NOW. He won’t get it for a a while but when he does, he’ll be first!!

6. Best. Cologne. Ever.

7. Hippest watch of the moment, made in Detroit.

8. The foodie guy’s guide to restaurants.

9. Seriously, I’m concerned. This is the second gift guide where I’ve miscounted. It might be a brain tumor.

10. Most BAD ASS kitchen knife ever.

11. For the fella who brings home the bacon, the perfect money clip.

12. For the busy guy who can’t bother to shop, a Trunk Club subscription.

13. Bottle opener. Duh.

14. I love these monogrammed leather catchalls for change, keys & other crap.

15. What guy doesn’t want a leather club chair? This one will blend in with your pretty decor. This one too.

16. Jupp Apatow’s book for laughs. Also McSweeney’s.  If you haven’t read this piece, DO IT. You’re welcome.

17. Killer grey and white plaid shirt.  Gorgeous under that shawl collar sweater up there. :)

18. Brenne French Single Malt Whiskey. It’ll look pretty on your bar too.

19. What guy wouldn’t want to hang out with George Clooney? At least he can drink his tequila (except Andrew- after a certain “incident” he is not allowed to drink tequila any more. Ever.)

20. Maybe not the most exciting, but at he won’t be yelled at to come make the fire alarm stop beeping! Nest stuff is genius.

21. Basic, awesome grooming products from Aesop.  And he’ll like that it says it’s for “athletes”.

22. Beats headphones. Lebron approved, so they are cool enough for him.

23. Monogrammed collector’s book of all the ballparks in America. For the baseball nut.


  1. Great gift guide. This is random, but I am newly engaged (long time reader) and was wondering if you would do a blog post on your wedding dress picks? Maybe some affordable choices like J Crew gowns etc? Thanks so much!!! :)

  2. Excellent stuff! I recently discovered that my boyfriend hates shawl collars. Like, won’t even consider wearing one. It might be grounds for a break up.

  3. You always have the best gift guides…Seriously, yours are the only useful ones I’ve ever found. Thank you!!!

  4. I love these ideas! My brother and boyfriends are always the hardest to shop for!!! Also, it seems your subconscious hates the number 9…

  5. You are right about that Bleu Cologne…it is the best. So sexy! I am a girl that loves wearing male cologne or unisex (is that weird?).Love it and plan to get it.

  6. Chanel Bleu?! I thought you said Creed was the best cologne ever! (yes, I am exposing myself as someone who a. is a little Rainman in the memory dept for your recommendations and b. is obsessed with fragrance).

    Fab recs, obvi.

  7. Great gift guide. One thing: credit card companies have yet to agree to honor Coin payments and if you don’t have your phone with you it doesn’t work. They say it could be ready by summer 2014, but that’s not 100% and it still has 3 more prototype iterations to go. There are also security issues. Just FYI before you or your readers she’ll out $55 for a product that’s certainly cool, but not really ready to roll.

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