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When I tire of the bull that a career in design brings with it (believe me, there’s lots….) I think I’ll open a flower store. After arranging so many flowers for our photo shoots for the book, I found that I kind of have a knack for it.  It’s so peaceful and meditative, and I for one need a bit more of that kind of vibe in my life. So I think when I grow up, I’ll be like Stephanie Schur, the owner of Botany Flowers in California.  Lonny did a great feature on her and I kept thinking (as I virtually flipped the pages)- “Her life looks nice.”



I romanticize retail all the time, it’s a HARD business, but I can’t help but want a little shop like this!


The flowers– oh, the flowers!






And of COURSE she has an incredible home! Naturally!  See more of it and a great interview with her on Jenny Kayne’s blog Rip+Tan:




schur2 Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 9.21.29 AM

Images via: Lonny, Rip + Tan, Botany.





  1. This is a cool post. I would love to someday have the time and patience to keep a garden full of flowers. I love her kitchen counter!

  2. As a former flower shop owner, I always laugh when I hear someone say how peaceful a career it must be! The reality is far different. Designing beautiful flower arrangements is about 10% of the job. The other 90% is hard work. Every time we received stock, every single flower and branch had to be re-cut and conditioned. In addition, all the flowers already in the cooler also had to be re-cut and conditioned. These two tasks would take up the better part of the day and were interspersed with answering the phone, ordering from our suppliers, serving clients, preparing standing orders and contacting the delivery service. All the plants had to be watered and spray misted regularly and the floor had to be kept clean. Because we supplied flower arrangements to local restaurants and hotels, diplomats and the Prime Minister, as well as doing the flowers for visiting dignitaries, we had to be very good at diplomacy. And because the city in which my shop was located was in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, we had to serve our clientele in two official languages.

    That said, the 10% of the time we go to be creative (and weren’t under enormous time constraints) was absolutely heavenly.

  3. There is SO much bullshit in design work, as with any creative job. I can’t even imagine being a hair stylist, that would be the worst. If it means anything, it is really nice to hear that a designer as successful as you still deals with crap, even though that is probably annoying to hear. At least blogs and Instagram usually bring lots of nice comments! Social media is good for the ego when clients aren’t!

  4. Botany is my absolute favorite flower shop – it is truly special and gorgeous! I go there as often as I can to pick up something special -be it a vintage vase or some gorgeous blooms! Stephanie is lovely! And, my sister wrote the Lonny article!! Glad you loved!

  5. I had a girlfriend who had always wanted a flowershop – she lasted 5 years. Up at 5 every morning to head out to the flower markets really kills the rest of your life!! Also: if you haven’t seen the work of Saskia Havekes (Grandiflora) check her out – I think she’s the best florist in Sydney (with the possible exception of Mr Cook Flowers). Both are on instagram, (Saskia has a book or two) and do amazing arrangements for big events as well as beautiful storefronts. You’d love their work.

  6. there really and truly is something so calming about a floral shop. I thoroughly enjoy going to our local shop and puttering around, just because it’s such a wonderful atmosphere. I’m off to check out the Lonny feature!

  7. When I get a “day off” I like to “browse” flower shops, too…I’m “feeling a day off soon”…franki

  8. Wow, what a gorgeous post today! Makes me want to run out to California and be surrounded by flowers! That kitchen is definitely fabulous too! Eye candy!

  9. Erin, I so get where you are coming from. Design and decorating work (and in my experience, the clients) can be really tough at times. I also dream of going into a store space one day. I actually looked into it strongly earlier this year, but the overheads are just crazy. It’s good to know I’m not the only one daydreaming of other avenues.

    That florist is amazing. I can see the appeal. :)

  10. Great post! What gorgeous floral arrangements and a lovely home to match. I kinda want to make out with that amazing cutting board on her kitchen counter.

  11. I can’t believe I missed this feature! I worked at the Brentwood Country Mart for a year (right next door at Sugar Paper!) and always loved window shopping at Botany. Sometimes they would even bring us fresh cut flowers for our shop too… DREAMY!

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