Farmhouse Chic

I saw a piece by Farmhouse Pottery on Instagram the other day and fall hard for their simple, rustic (but modern) take on New England pottery and wares. It reminds me so much of gorgeous Vermont fall days and country relaxation I just had to share!  I love how everything is hand made in the gorgeous town of Woodstock, VT where I’ce spent lots of time in my life.

Some samples of their pottery:


IMG_4664 IMG_5661

IMG_7918 IMG_7536

IMG_1755 IMG_9486

** Have you EVER seen a more awesome dog bowl??? I must have some for my boys. And I bet my mom would dig these for her four pups (yes, FOUR).


Another thing my gardener Mom would love- their garden pots! Love the simple logo stamp!


They also make this great cutting board that I’m kind of obsessed with.


I am simply DYING over this candle cloche and the knee-bucklingly good package design of these candles!  I can’t be the only one who is a sucker for incredible graphics, right?


POT101 CAN07-silo

All the details and the hand-crafted nature of everything has me giddy. While I love a good Target purchase, there is something extra special and soulful about buying something made by someone’s hands in our own country!

CAN09-alt-silo BAS01-silo

Speaking of amazing packaging, how about these gift sets. You better believe I’ll be picking up a couple as gifts this holiday season! The syrup? ADORBS!

FAC01-silo FAC05-silo

FAC04-silo FAC10-silo

I just love a good local find!!! Any favorites from your neck of the woods? (sorry, I’m watching Al Roker….)


  1. Growing up in Minnesota, I’m partial to Red Wing Pottery – these are really lovely too! (And I am also a huge fan of Woodstock, VT!)

  2. Love it! I was just perusing their website the other day, making a mental gift list (for friends/family AND me!). I knew it was a Vermont company but did not realize the pottery, etc. was made in my HOMETOWN of Woodstock — makes me even happier and clinches the fact that I will support, support, support (by buying, buying, buying…). Btw, I was at a party at a house you decorated in Newton this weekend, and I have always thought it was just gorgeous, but did not know until then that you were responsible! Hoping to have the budget to hire you to work some magic in my own home in the not-too-distant future. :-)

  3. We live in Denver and just discovered an awesome place to buy homemade bitters! its about a 50 minute drive into the mountains but the place is just DARLING! Its in an old mining town called Silver Plume (read: dirt roads) Check it out! You can grab a cocktail and soup as your reward for making the pilgrimage! Already bought some christmas presents this weekend, they have the cutest 4 pack of bitters! who doesn’t love a cocktail this time of year!?

  4. I’m with you on this, Erin. The “older” I get, the more I’m drawn to special hand-crafted products.

  5. The woman who started this company is a doll! She spoke at an apartment therapy event in new york a few months ago and had the most adorable presentation.

  6. zoe and james zilian of farmhouse pottery are the real deal..their work and life in woodstock with their 2 beyond adorable kids with a picking garden and pies made from the apples on their so kind of hate them..but they’re are so lovely and real that you don’t.

  7. Love this post! I’m a new’ish west coast transplant living in Philadelphia and love discovering new artisans here. One of my favorites is Heirloom Home & Studio, which I discovered coincidentally after registering for a couple of cute ceramic berry baskets from Williams-Sonoma for my wedding. When they arrived, there was a gift note with it that said “Handmade in Glenside, PA.” Being new to the area, I took to trusty Google Maps and sure enough, their amazing little store and studio was 10 minutes from my house. Now it’s become one of my favorite local spots!

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