Fashion Friday: Ideal Fall Shoe Wardrobe

I am not exactly of the Carrie Bradshaw variety when it comes to shoes, but I do remember the first pair I ever really fell in love with. A white fringed pair of short cowboy boots. I was about 9 I was confident I would wear those things forever (or at least until my feet no longer fit in them). I’m pretty sure I wore them every day for about a year- I mean, they really made every outfit SO much better, as white fringed cowboy boots are wont to do.  As I grew up I never felt that way about a pair of shoes again, being more of a handbag kind of girl.  I never really saw the point in spending over $150 on shoes and kept my collection pretty modest.

Well, now I get it. I acquired my first pair of Louboutins two years ago and while I still think the price is ridiculous and I won’t be collecting them, I can now appreciate a good shoe. When I found a pair of perfect nude Prada peep toe pumps on sale for 50% off this year I nearly threw my body on top of them like I was taking on sniper fire.  My fancy heel collection is limited to that for now, the rest being budget friendly as I ruin the heels SO fast on Boston’s cobblestones and sidewalks.  But I do see rationale in spending more on good leather boots and flats as they last so much longer and are worn so much more often on a daily basis for actual walking.

So here are my picks for a perfect shoe wardrobe. I’m sure I’ve left out some (sneakers for one) but I feel like I could get by with this collection all fall and winter- heels, flats and boots, oh my.

** Side note- a few of these are on sale today- the gold Chloe flats are 25% off (code FRNFAM) as are the glittery Kate Spade’s (everything is 30% off with code FALL13FF)!


1. // 2. // 3. (or this closed toe version) // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. (or these!!) // 11. // 12. // 13. // 14. // 15. (or these)// 16. (or these!) // 17. // 18. // 19. // 20. // 21. // 22. (*best looking rain boots ever!)


  1. Oh, man. One of the things I miss about not working at a “real job” (I’m a full-time volunteer right now for my son’s high school) is shopping for and wearing sophisticated clothes and shoes. I’m quite sure my dry cleaner misses me.

    I especially like those leopard heels and flats, and the black booties, although I would wear any of those except the moccasins. I just can’t get behind that trend.

  2. I’m the same way when it comes to shoes. I pretty much cut myself off if they’re over $100 but if it were a handbag all bets are off and I don’t even blink at dropping five times as much money for a style I love. Why is that?

    p.s. Great picks as always.

  3. This was the worst post ever! All I can think about now is taking the afternoon off to GO BUY LOTS OF SHOES!!!! Or at least those Rag & Bone boots I’ve been coveting! ;)

  4. You picked some gorgeous pairs! I hate spending a lot on shoes because I feel like they get ruined so easily from walking around NYC. I have a pair with a gold cap toe from J. Crew and I love them so much I’m scared to wear them too often! At least when I spend a lot on a handbag I know I have a better chance of it not getting ruined. But still, I have boots that have lasted years and years, so those are certainly worth the investment.

  5. I saw the ZARA shoes a few days ago and requested a hold…they arrived today. So, I’m going to the store straight from the office to try them. They are sexy! Just like I like my heels.

  6. I have small (size 5), wide feet that make shoe shopping torture. None of the designers who make beautiful shoes make them for those of us with wide feet. So I end up buying “granny” shoes because they’re the only ones that fit. And nobody makes beautiful “granny” shoes because nobody thinks the elderly want to look good.

    Hey, shoe designers – are you listening? How about some beautiful shoes for those of us with wide feet!

  7. We have the same taste in shoes! Just ordered the first Zara pair, I hadn’t seen those before. Several of the other options I already have or have been eyeing. Great post!

  8. Great selections! After your fashion blog earlier in the week, I was wondering what Friday would bring! Love them!

  9. Great shoes! Love those red #8’s. Boston is hard on footwear. Have you tried power soles? A really good shoe repair shop can do these, makes the shoe last years longer.

  10. You are a “sole sister!” Great selections…I’m off to “Nordies” to get a pair of “camo” heels…franki

  11. Oh my goodness. I think I need those leopard heels immediately. It’s so hard to find the “right” leopard print that doesn’t look cheap. Either the print is right and the shape isn’t or the shape is right and the print isn’t…but those are just PERFECTION. Best leopard shoe I’ve come across in ages…

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