Fall Focused.

I am 100% in fall festive mode, you guys. The perfect October weather, pumpkin flavored everything and coziness at home with fires and good food all make me so deliriously happy.  I used to be a summer girl “in my youth” but now I am a full-fledged fall addict.  Perhaps it’s because we all go into nesting mode and home become so much more important as we spend more hours inside it.  I am so happy to have shot my house for the book last week, because now I can just enjoy it instead of seeing every inch as a “to do” project.

Here are some of what’s on my “fall decor” radar:


Topiaries- The perfect long lasting floral alternative- put a matching pair on a console or bar or a grouping in the center of a dining table.

Gorgeous, simple china- I saw this Wedgewood Intaglio china the other day when scouting for something to use on my table for the shoot. I so wish this was my china! The crisp white simplicity is mixed with fab detail work (including my favorite Greek Key!) If I were going to register for china now it would be this. Or this for something more fancy. In fact, I’d love them mixed!

Striped Taper Candles- This just takes my stripe addiction on step further.

Copper Kettle- I bought one for the shoot last week and I cannot bring myself to return it. It just looks TOO good on my stove!

Feather Art- Loving these amazing black and white feather prints from Jayson Home.

Pumpkin Bread- This Williams Sonoma mix is a favorite, because we don’t all have time to bake form scratch and it makes the house smell awesome.

Champagne Coupes- I also bought these for the shoot and kept them. They are just TOO darling and elegant and I plan on drinking lots of champagne when this book is done.

Rustic Wood Napkin Rings- They offset pressed linen and delicate china in such a cool, autumnal way.

Boxwood Wreaths- Faux or real, I adore boxwood wreaths.

Banner Art- This cracked me up as PERFECT holiday family gathering decor. Let’s all let it go, and enjoy the season, right?

Pumpkin Masque- OBSESSED with this masque (the whole line really). It stings a little, but works wonders at brightening and exfoliating (and is ALL NATURAL). We all need to look our best for the holiday season!

Black Forest Candle- The stylist that helped us on the shoot brought this candle to the shoot and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  It’s like the most elegant, non-cloying holiday scent ever. Plus the black container is subtle, dramatic and chic.

Marble and Wood Cutting Board- Awesome if you crave Carrera counters but don’t have them.  And gorgeous even if you do! I love the juxtaposition of stone and wood. Fabulous to serve cheeses on too.








  1. Yep, the older i get the easier it’s been to let summer go. (maybe since the kids go back to school?;)

    I’m wanting to try the Shamanuti line since you’ve recommended it – is the charcoal face wash still working well for you?

  2. These items are fab, they make me happy just to look at them! I love the copper kettle and the champagne coupes, I wouldn’t be able to return those either. I’m so excited to see your home tour in the book, and I can only imagine the relief you must feel to have that checked off the list. Enjoy the season!

  3. Just ordered the Black Forest candle. It’s a celeb favorite, so now my home can smell famous!

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