Artist Crush: Nell Waters Bernegger

I couple weeks ago I was perusing a One King’s Lane sale and saw an amazing piece of art I fell instantly in love with. I researched the artist’s name, Nell Waters Bernegger, and found a site FULL of amazing, gorgeous abstract works perfect for my clients (and myself). In fact, one now hangs in my own entry hall! I am going to do a skinny black floating frame around the edges it to finish it off.

photo 1-21

And a small limited edition print of one of her gouache pieces is in the living room! How fabulous are these colors?

photo 2-20 photo 4-2

Nell is such a lovely person and I am so excited to share her work with you! She’s based in Connecticut and accepts commissions (not always something artists love to do). Here are a bunch of examples of her work- for pricing and availability on specific pieces email her at .

NELL 1 IMG-20120607-00141


shapeimage_1 postion

sutter #3


lillian august shoot

shapeimage_9 shapeimage_10







Some pricing parameters:

Works on paper: Artwork on 18 x 24 Arches archival paper is $950 unframed or $1200 with 24 x 30 frame (white, black, gold or driftwood).

Limited Edition prints are $175 unframed or $400 with frame.

Works on canvas: 48 x 72- $4600, 48 x 60 – $4300, 48x 48- $3800, 48 x 36 -$3200, 40 x 40- $2800, 36 x 36- $2500, 30 x 40 $2500, 36 x 24- $2000, 30 x 30 -$2000, 24 x 30 -$1600, 18 x 24 – $1400


  1. I typically do not gravitate to abstract art… THESE paintings are fabulous! I like how “soft” they are….. beautiful colour combinations….

  2. Gorgeous. Random question – would you mind sharing the paint color in your hallway?

    Love your blog and can’t wait for your book!!

  3. Since you have absolutely no idea what my background in art is, I think your comment is unbelievably thin skinned and condescending.

  4. Well, if you are an artist then it’s doubly rude to come here and publicly lambast someone else’s work. I really have no patience for comments like this anymore- what is the point in being a jerk in a public forum? It’s not constructive criticism, which I welcome, it’s being plain old MEAN. She can charge whatever she wants, it’s up to her and the marketplace to determine that. Not you.

  5. Hi Erin :) I wanted to thank you for two things today… 1. For using the word lambast. I totally didn’t know what that meant, now I do. AND 2. For introducing me to another new artist, it’s one of my favorite things you do.

    P.S. Keep up the good work, you’re one of my favorite parts of the day. :)


  6. I don’t even really love abstract pieces, but I can’t stop coming back to this post. Her pieces are absolutely stunning, and that print in your living room… swoon.

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