House Crush: Jessica de Ruiter

I typically don’t get Martha Stewart Living but the September issue has now made me a subscriber.  Particularly because of the incredible spread on stylist Jessica de Ruiter’s house in Los Angeles. I LOVE this modern, clean, bright look!  It’s so refreshing and crisp and so unlike any house I’ve ever lived in.

I am ALL about a waterfall countertop AND a chevron wood door.


Gorgeous open shelving (seriously, how do people deal with the dust- please share) and how chic does plywood look in their entry? PLYWOOD!


Love this open plan and mix of furniture styles with the restrained palette.  Another plywood built in!


Such a cute child’s room (love the inset wallpaper and mismatched children’s chairs), more wood in the office.


ADORE this brass bedside lamp as well as this view!


I mean, that FLOOR and that VIEW???


Adore the gold vintage mirror paired with the to die for marble slab modern sink.


I picked some items to help re-create a similar look:

21 Responses to “House Crush: Jessica de Ruiter”

  1. MBK says:

    I love the feature, but really cracked up over the plywood comment! (You’re clearly a daughter of a fine home builder.) You do a great job with the blog, it’s my go-to each day. :)

  2. the plywood does look chic here :)

  3. Sam says:

    Where is the items to recreate the look part :(

  4. G says:

    I liked this feature, but was sorely disappointed in the rest of the magazine. Some of the stories would not pass the Martha standards test and I think she is really not that involved with the editorial anymore. I miss the old Martha that would feature projects requiring painstaking crafting and finished products that were heirlooms with photo shoots that were IT. The magazine looks like recycled Real Simple and I was sad to see a project involved painting triangles onto an orange balloon (look a jack-o-lantern!). OK, rant over!

  5. what a lovely and airy home!

  6. Everything image is gorgeous, but I am dying over the door!! Love.
    Happy Monday.

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  7. Stunning! Looks like my old hood, Silver Lake. That area is a treasure trove of incredible mid-century homes.

  8. Abby says:

    Personally, I think the plywood is awful and looks like plywood, nothing more, nothing less. What I would LOVE to see is your backyard reno reveal! I’m dying with impatience!!

  9. Lindsay says:

    YES!!! I loved this house. And I love Martha. The only thing I didn’t love about the house was the built-in sofa. I could imagine my kids slamming their heads into the wood. yikes. just the thought!

  10. erica says:

    this is lovely. but, what i really want to know is: are you doing an emmy’s fashion recap?! i need this in my life.

  11. I’m not so sure about the Plywood Pew, but aside from that, I adore this home! Very fresh and unique with a whimsical feeling…they seem like very fun people! It’s been a while since I flipped through MSL – thanks for the reminder!

  12. no35style says:

    i am planning to do open shelves in our new house kitchen redo and i keep hearing the dust isn’t a problem if you put things on the shelves that you use on a constant, daily basis. it doesn’t have time to get dusty i guess. i would think an occasional wipe down of the shelves themselves would be necessary.

  13. Kristen says:

    I saw your post about concord. Check out conantum sometime lots of funky mid century homes in Concord that could use your design aesthetic

  14. Angeline says:

    The use of plywood and the built-in bench reminded me of FLW – Taliesin-ish…

  15. Karena says:

    Erin this home was done beautifully!!

    Love the fresh and youthful looks!

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  16. Dawna Jones says:

    I am dying for this place and I have to share!!!! I have had open shelving in all 5 of my homes, and I would never ever be with out it. Dust is only an issue when you don’t use the things on the shelves. Well okay it probably helps that I am a cleaning freak! You got me!!!!

  17. Franki says:

    I’ve had “open shelving” for twenty years…it’s called “a dishwasher.” franki

  18. Holly Irwin says:

    Want. Love. Need. Totally my cup of tea! Especially the marble sink, the patio chairs, the whole design of the house, the wood, the open shelving…….the list goes on. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Aldo says:

    With a view like that, any terrace would look great, but those tiles just add that little bit of magic. Love the open shelving too. Thank you for sharing.

  20. designlit says:

    Love the corner couch! Great idea for spaces that are considerably lacking presence or lifeless. Thanks for sharing.

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