Fashion Friday: On Trend // Pink Coats & Leopard Loafers

Two trends I’m SO game for for fall are pink coats and leopard loafers. Granted, neither are groundbreaking, but both are pretty timeless and fresh and so why not buy them now for this season?

Over the summer I was noticing that a few runways and editorials for fall were showing pink coats. I love how this springy color can brighten up a fall outfit. It looks particularly fetching paired with camel, grey and navy! It dresses up denim and softens leather.

Some inspiration:

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Get the look- whether soft or bright, pink is essentially feminine but also modern too.

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Club Monaco // J.Crew

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Kate Spade // Club Monaco

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Zara // Vitamin

So I’ve been all over this trend since last season… obviously. I wore my last pair of leopard pony hair smoking slippers right out, so obviously snapped up a new pair last week!  I adore the spunk leopard adds to any outfit (casual, work or dressy)… and clearly Miranda Kerr and I agree (and would be besties). If you buy one thing for fall, it’s gotta be this.

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Get the look:

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Sam Edelman (got these, comfy) // Prada (diiiiieeeee)

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Ecco // Tory Burch

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 7.55.50 AM Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 7.55.19 AM

J.Crew // J.Crew

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Prada // Lucky




  1. Funny – I’m wearing a pair right now and just posted a picture on Instagram out of boredom as I wait for my daughters in the dentist’s office! Love pink and leopard together (done right – it can easily veer into cheap and cheesy). One of my favorite outfits of last winter was a simple camel crew neck, skinny cropped black pants, leopard booties and hot pink J Crew pea coat that I wore on my birthday. Looking forward to doing it all over again when it gets a bit cooler!

  2. I’d like Kate Beckinsale’s entire outfit, like, yesterday! I love pairing pink with soft grey!

    Leopard print loafers are on my wish list this fall. In fact, I blogged about that earlier this week. Pay day can’t get here soon enough!

  3. Already have a hot pink coat (jacket length) which gets a LOT of wear and am lusting for a pair of leopard print loafers. I almost popped for a pair last year but was unsure if calf hair shoes can be waterproofed. As i live in Seattle, that’s an important issue. Anybody know the answer?

  4. love fridays!! my “need for fall” list is a MILE long now. must have a pink coat! and the leopard loafers will make me want to get out in the mornings…thank you!

  5. Erin I have the leopard loafers; now for a coat! I wear lots of charcoal heather great and black in winter and the pink coast will brighten things up the moment I out it on! Great suggestions!

    Art by Karena

  6. Just found a pair of Cole Haan leopard pony hair smoking slippers for $40 at TJ Maxx! This post makes me even more excited with the purchase…now to get a pink coat!

  7. Any idea who makes the leopard loafers in the middle left picture (with the knee-torn jeans)???

    I love the cut and pattern on these!


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