Calypso Giveaway & Shopping Discount Exclusive

One of my fave stores Calypso has been kind enough to let me give my readers exclusive first access to their new fall shopping discount  offer- enter  GCFALL2013FB to get the discounts listed below! Certainly a help when stocking up for the fall season as it comes into full swing!

fall giftcards_843x403

Here are some of the things I’d love to get with a gift card, for sure, all available now on their site.


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And I have an awesome giveaway for you guys too- a Calypso cashmere scarf and one of their fab scented candles- what girl doesn’t like scarves and candles, right? Enter your pick for scarf and scent below and like them on Facebook for a chance to win!

Pick any color of this scarf or this scarf (only these two varation- none of the printed scarves) and any scent of the bougie parfum candle!


Happy shopping, y’all!

218 Responses to “Calypso Giveaway & Shopping Discount Exclusive”

  1. Erin says:

    Love the soft jade and Bellini!!!!

  2. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I love the Tiki scarf and bellini candle!

  3. Charlotte says:

    I would DIE for the grey cashmere scarf and the gardenia candle (one of my favorite scents).

  4. Sarah says:

    I love the grey cashmere scarf and the Bellini candle!

  5. Thomas Murphy says:

    I like the Solid Cashmere Scarf in MONTAUK and I like the VANILLE bougie parfum candle. I liked the facebook page as Thomas Murphy.

  6. Missy Owen says:

    Grey cashmere scarf and the Bellini candle

  7. janet says:

    the navy solid cashmere scarf and the gardenia candle, pretty please.

    thanks erin! great blog!!

  8. EOwen says:

    love the gray cashmere scarf and gardenia candle! :)

  9. jane says:

    that grey scarf is gorgeous and i’d love the gardenia calendar.
    calypso is my favorite store on earth! all the bridesmaids wore it my wedding… can’t get enough!

  10. jane says:

    and by calendar, i mean candle :)

  11. Rachel says:

    cushy cashmere in cayenne and herbe d’ete candle. what a great shop!

  12. Alex says:

    I’m in love with VANILLE candle and TIKI cashmere scarf.

  13. Alexandra A says:

    I would like Vanille candle and Montauk scarf.

  14. Alexa says:

    The hibiscus cashmere scarf and vanilla candle are my favourites.

  15. Stacy Grisinger says:

    Loving the gray cashmere scarf, and probably the gardenia candle! Yummmmmmy!

  16. janet says:

    I Love the Navy cashmere scarf. And the gardenia candle would be heavenly! thanks Erin!!

  17. Mahdi M says:

    I like the Cushy Cashmere Scarf in parakeet, and the HERBE D’ETE bougie parfum candle. I want to cuddle up in that scarf and light that candle…