A Fall Transition

I woke up this morning to my thermostat reading 57 degrees… I guess fall really is here.  But even though the temps are dropping and it is past Labor Day don’t think for one minute my white jeans are getting packed up! Oh no, I, like many others lately, have taken to completely ignoring that rule- especially in early fall.  I am absolutely loving the look of white jeans with a chunky knit fisherman sweater. This could be my uniform for those days it stays under 65. It’s crisp, classic, comfortable and most importantly, chic- as shown by these lovely ladies.



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Here’s how you and I can get the look- some affordable options as well an investment pieces, like that Reed Krakoff bag (I’m lusting after this version) and a classic Barbour jacket.  Also absolutely LOVING this delicate and gorgeous diamond necklace by India Hicks (her whole jewelry line is heaven).


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19 Responses to “A Fall Transition”

  1. smash says:

    Absolutely love all of those inspiration images. Perfectly classic.

  2. I love this look! I’m dying for it to cool off here in Charleston so I can pull out the jeans and sweaters.

  3. Erica says:

    Go for the Barbour Jacket Erin! I bought one last year and wore it well into December and then back out it came in March. So durable and you don’t feel like a frump in it!

  4. Kathleen says:

    Ha! Earlier this week a co-worker and I were just laughing at our disregard of the post-Labor Day ban on white pants. Thanks for the validation.

  5. Natalie says:

    Love the India Hicks jewelry- my husband and I are headed to Harbour Island for our very delayed honeymoon this fall and I have my heart set on the “tip to tail necklace” from her shop!

  6. Anna Post says:

    Love these looks! And we agree about white at Emily Post–perfectly ok after Labor Day (more a question of fabric choice, like any color). :)

  7. 57 wow! That sounds good about now. We will close to 100 again today! Enough already!

  8. Desiree M. Fox says:

    Love the Barbour jacket. I have been lusting for one of those for several years now :D

  9. Andrea says:

    Rules schmules. I love white on white all year round! Thanks or the great roundup.

  10. Yes. Love these hues and textures. Making note.

  11. dana says:

    I really love the big white chunky sweaters for the fall. who said you cant wear white past labor day!?

    The Casual Classic

  12. Debbie says:

    Michael Kors tweeted about this very subject on Monday “Ignore old rules. White after Labor Day is glamorous. – xxMK” My white jeans aren’t going anywhere either!

  13. LindsB says:

    I had to get out my Barbour jacket this morning- so sad. Then again I’ll prob have to get out my bathing suit again tomorrow.

  14. Ahhhh, I’m so excited to officially pull out the Fall Fashions! I could live forever in chunky sweaters and skinny pants!

  15. Heather P. says:

    I just saw Old Navy marked down their white denim, like, a TON now that summer’s over. This look might be what finally gets me out there to buy them. And a cable-knit sweater. And some boots.

    What is it with me and fall shopping? Am I alone on this? Why do I want to buy ALL of it?!

  16. I so want a Barbour jacket for fall – classic.

  17. Dawna Jones says:

    Just finally found the perfect maxi dress and I’m wearing it today despite cooler temp. Don’t want to admit that fall is here but those pictures are not only inspiring but remind me of how much I love to layer. Thanks.

  18. Jessica says:

    I love this whole outfit! It is perfect for the fall season that is coming up. Time to get our closets ready for the fall. I love wearing neutral colors paired up with some boots. I usually go for the Bear Paw boots. They are sooo stylish and super comfy. I get mines from http://www.shoedaca.com

  19. Ann says:

    Great classics for the fall days ahead!

    Was wondering if you have any French/London Sole flats? I’m contemplating the quilted Henrietta ones but don’t know anyone who’s bought and worn a pair to know if they’re comfortable and last well. Thanks!