A Breather.

I’m finishing up a little mini vacation today- and this is when I wish I wrote posts ahead of time- but I don’t. I’ll be back tomorrow, for now I’m enjoying my coffee here….


10 Responses to “A Breather.”

  1. enjoy!!! I’ll just go back to packing a school lunch and try not to be jealous!! :)

  2. Liza Miller says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Enjoy it! You deserve a break :)

  3. Jillian says:

    You scored some perfect fall weather for it this weekend! Enjoy!

  4. Grace says:

    How perfect. I just love that part of the States. Have a wonderful, well-deserved, relaxing time!

  5. Angela says:

    Lovely morning view!

  6. sarah engel says:

    is that the inn at castle hill in newport? right near where i grew up. i love that spot, especially in september. enjoy. xo

  7. So jealous. That looks like my speed.

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  9. Breathers are always well deserved & help to ease out all that stress and fatigue. Great think that you are out there, sipping onto some coffee and cherishing life ;) ..

    Chill out even more ;)
    Jessica x