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While I was in Asheville, NC I got a tip from my brother about Antique Tobacco Barn a GIANT warehouse full of goodies.   I would need a whole day to really go through this place, but in my quick walk through I spotted some great finds (at great prices too!)

I would have loved to use this old US map in a kid’s room- as well as a pair of these leather and brass nailhead twin headboards!!!! So awesome for a little boys room!

IMG_5737 IMG_5753

These marble feet are SO Kelly Wearstler.  I wish I could have shipped them home for under a fortune.  And this chair was like $100 and in amazing shape.

IMG_5758 IMG_5751

Some incredible old doors!

IMG_5745 IMG_5755

How amazing would this be refinished as a kitchen island??


These brass and wood chairs slayed me. SLAYED me. And this spool bed would be so awesome redone in high gloss black paint!

IMG_5749 IMG_5762

A pair of awesome chairs!


A great set of metal chairs for a country kitchen and a pair of campaign secretaries that would have been amazing redone in a high gloss color. Or black. I like painting everything black. :)

IMG_5750 IMG_5756

I love blue and white china and loved this set of plates when I saw them from afar- upon closer inspection I got a good laugh!

IMG_5761 IMG_5760

Anne should snap these up.

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  1. Wow, love the first chair!

    As for the plates that say Anne Hathaway, I’m pretty sure it’s referring to Shakespeare’s wife. :)

  2. Asheville is such a special and very artsy place. It use to be an 8 hour drive for us from Amelia Island, FL. maybe 5 from us now in TN. The peach/sand chair & those old doors are just stunning as is so many of the treasures seen here. I bet you were in heaven! I just saw your pictures from the Biltmore house visit which were so inspiring. Looked to be a beautiful day.

  3. Have you been to the Winsmith Mill Market in Norwood, MA? It is a huge mill complex full of great salvage stores. I have been a couple of times and it is decent. The Remarkable Cleanouts part of the mill is huge and goes ON and ON forever. Very fun for a weekend day of treasure hunting. They also have a huge area of works from local artists and you could pick up something for the pups at Sir Pugsley’s. I’m not affiliated in any way, just thought I’d share.

  4. How much can you cram into a suitcase? Or can you talk your honey into renting a U haul and driving back to Boston?

  5. That piece you point out that would make a great kitchen island.. YES! high gloss black base and a thick slab of marble on top! oooooohhh la la!



  6. On your next trip to NYC, stop in one of the “Olde Good Things” shops. Website There are 5 locations in New York, 2 in LA and 2 in PA. I bought a pair of amazing bronze elevator doors to use in our apartment as a “barn” door look. Don’t know about their shipping policies. I live across the street from their Chelsea location, so delivery is not a problem for me :). They are the nicest people to deal with and are willing to look for special items.

  7. This is around the corner from where I work and is often a lunch hour stroll for me! In fact, I have been eyeing that spool bed for my 8-year old boy’s room but am having to convince him that his hideous IKEA bunk beds are really not that cool…:/

  8. What a shop! Love those enormous salvage doors. Maybe for a bedroom? My bedroom?! Looks like a place where the people from ABC here in NYC must go to snap up all their vintage finds.

  9. Can you share the name/address? We are going to Asheville this weekend to settle my step-daughter at UNC-Asheville. Would love to stop by.

  10. Do you have a good source for furniture painting/lacquer in the Boston area? In the past I’ve always done it myself, but I just got a couple of vintage pieces that are out of my league. Thank you!

  11. Hi Erin – those brass chairs are to die for! Do you by ANY chance remember the price off the top of your head? I think I see 4 in that picture. Asheville’s only an hour away from me! Thanks!!

  12. I have a pair of chairs almost EXACTLY like the blue ones, but I cannot for my life decide what fabric to cover them in. I am paralyzed by all the choices.

  13. Anne Hathaway’s cottage is a historic tourist attraction in Stratford up Avon in the U.K

  14. I just bought 6 of those brass chairs in a gorgeous emerald green velvet for six dollars each! They are so awesome and comfortable. Someone snap those up!

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