1. Best trip ever? Tanzania and Kenya during the migration… Best day ever? One day in the Masai Mara at the heigth of the migration. I saw animal behavior played out all around us. The animals pay no attention to our vehicles (unless they’re using them as shade). We’re no threat and, luckily, not an appetizer either. Hungry lions walked past our open windows close enough to count the flies on their noses. Okay, my heart stopped for a few beats… I blew thru 8 gigabites of photo memory cards.
    Yes, go! GO!

  2. Agree with Patricia – best trip ever was Serengeti during migration. Absolutely incredible. We could see the migration for miles from our hot air balloon ride. It really is life changing.

    Tons of options for lodging and adventure. We did a private safari, just me and the hubs. Here are a few favs from our trip:

    We went directly through a travel agent in Tanzania who came highly recommended – happy to share more details if you’re interested. http://fourwaystravel.net/

  3. For our honeymoon, my husband and I went to South Africa (Capetown, the winelands and a safari) and Zimbabwe. It was a trip of a lifetime and totally amazing. We stayed at the 12 Apostles in Cape Town and it was unreal: http://www.12apostleshotel.com/ We had day trips to a bunch of wineries and touristy places. The wineries were so fun. For our safari, we went to Sabi Sabi at the Bush Lodge in the Sabi Sans Game Reserve in Kruger Park: http://www.sabisabi.com/
    I can’t remember the name of our Zimbabwe hotel, but we went to the falls and went white water rafting in class 5 rapids on the Zambezi (sp?) River. Can you tell I married an adrenaline junkie?

    I also went on an amazing trip to Ubud, Bali, Indonesia and stayed in luxury rental with four friends and my husband. I felt like I was in a movie. It was so beautiful and serene. I am still kicking myself for not purchasing art work of the rice fields surrounding our house.

  4. I recently visited the Glapagos Islands. A safari of a different kind. Absolutely beautiful, inspiring, and amazing.

  5. My husband and I just got back from 7 days in Anguilla and it was definitely one of the best trips of my life. I am not a blogger or instagrammer so I did not post my pics or experiences, but it is like a T & L magazine cover. Beautiful beaches, fantastic food – best sushi I have EVER eaten – wonderful people and culture. We stayed at the Viceroy Hotel where every room has its own plunge pool and the property is gorgeous. DREAM vacation. If you ever go, take the boat to the private island called Sandy Beach (google it) where you are alone with fantastic food and drinks. I am not trying to figure out how to get back every year!! Highly recommend Anguilla!

  6. I went to Africa in the fall of last year and traveled through Botswana, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe for a month. The animals are incredible, the people are so warm and their culture is beautiful, and swimming at the TOP on the EDGE of Victoria Falls was something I will never forget for my entire life. Also, we stayed in gorgeous private safari lodges and the service and rooms were gorgeous and so luxurious you feel like a movie star. Go to Africa, it is life changing.

  7. We went on a safari in S. Africa for the first leg of our honeymoon and it really was amazing! So amazing that the second half of our trip (Seychelles) was kind of a letdown! You should totally make a trip to Africa happen, you will LOVE it!

  8. Sitting in the airport waiting for our flight home from a fabulous trip to Kauai’i An amazing island!

  9. I have been lucky enough to go to Africa twice – once in South Africa & Victoria Falls area (Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana), and once on safari in Tanzania followed by beach time on Zanzibar. Both times were AMAZING and life-changing and definitely my favorite trips ever. All of the safari time in South Africa and East Africa was with a company called &Beyond Africa, which is a fantastic company (their lodges are so stylish and luxurious and eco-friendly, and they also give back to the local communities). Being on safari is my absolute favorite thing, but going swimming at the edge of Victoria Falls was pretty cool too. The problem is that it’s crazy expensive and you treat it as a once in a lifetime trip, and then it’s so amazing that you have to find a way to get back!

  10. So hard to pick .. Either Sydney and Perth, Australia Orrr Paris, and several small towns in South of France.

  11. My husband and I just returned from 15 days in Zimbabwe. Though our accommodations involved living with 55 orphans and our bathroom didnt look even a little bit like this one, it was a breathtaking trip. The children were beautiful and the animals at the game reserve on our last day were lovely. And we rode elephants…stop it!

  12. Similarly, we did a Kenya/Tanzania/Zanzibar safari a few years before our son was born and that was incredibly magical. We loved it so much that we just knew at some point in our lives, we’d have to go back again. Now that our son is 7, we are planning a trip to South Africa this December (to celebrate my big 4-0!) and we’re taking him on safari. Thankfully South Africa has several malaria-free game reserves which cater to children. We can’t wait to experience another safari trip, this time, through the eyes of our son!

  13. My husband is from South Africa so I have been a few times and we also travelled to Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia as well. Going on safari really is amazing and unlike anything else in this world. One thing to keep in mind if you really want to go and don’t want to spend a fortune is that you don’t have to go to a private game reserve or you don’t have to go to a high end one. There are lots of public game reserves and more affordable private lodges that are amazing (just not as luxurious) and you will still have an amazing experience. Previous to going to South Africa I had always thought going on safari was insanly expensive and all the South Africans I know kinda laughed because they don’t know anyone that has actually been to the $1000 a night private places. Sorry for the ramble but just saying that if this is a dream of yours (or any of your readers) it is a lot more feasible than you may have originally thought.

  14. Erin you NEED to read the book I Married Adventure, by Osa Johnson. its the sweetest true story of African safaris in the early part of the century.

  15. It was actually our honeymoon to the Seychelles and Londolozi! Jamie’s photos are so unbelievably gorgeous but believe it or not, it is even more breathtaking in person. Yvonne O’Brien designed the interiors of all of the camps – you would die, they are so ridiculous. My husband and I stayed in Private Granite Suites – too beautiful for words: http://privatehouseco.co.za/yob/londolozigranite.php

  16. I was spoilt while living in South Africa and had the opportunity to work for the hotel group that partnered with Londolozi, so I have stayed in many of the camps in South Africa, long time ago. Our honeymoon was also on a game farm and my best memory best vacations have been in the “bush” as we say in South Africa, but my family raves about Seychelles and Mauritius for island vacations so I hope to get there someday!

  17. Definitely have to add more details to the Bucket List of the South Africa trip. Thank you for the additional information! Our last once in life time trip was to the South Island of New Zealand! Adventures galore, and surrounded by nature’s beauty!

  18. Such beautiful pictures, Erin! We traveled to South Africa last fall (we stopped through Paris/Provence on our way), and had an incredible adventure. We went on safari in Kruger National Park, and stayed at Ulusaba Private Game Lodge – words can’t describe how phenomenal this lodge is, not to mention the impeccable level of service (i.e., cocktail hour in the bush as the sun set!). Africa is the trip of a lifetime, and seeing the gorgeous animals in their natural habitat will render you speechless. Highly recommend it!

  19. We also went to South Africa and stayed at Londolozi for our honeymoon, which was definitely our best trip yet. As if a safari isn’t amazing enough, South Africa also has a beautiful coast line and you can combine a safari trip with stops in Cape Town and visiting places along the Garden Route. On our honeymoon, we stayed at the three hotels that are part of the Liz McGrath collection and loved all of them. We went in August and had amazing animal sightings on safari (including wild dogs!) and saw whales, dolphins, and penguins along the coast. It’s a very splurge-worthy trip!

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