Fashion Friday: Pink + Navy

I always see street style fashion that makes me drool but then I think “I’d have to be pretty drunk to leave the house like that”. I’m not exactly a statement, artistic dresser- but I do like to take cues from the bolder, cooler girls and traslate it into something I feel more comfortable running errands in.
I mean, I LOVE this picture. The navy, the pink… it’s all so good. But I don;t think I’d feel like “me” wearing this exact outfit.


So here is a more “everyday” outfit using it as inspiration- trading the sheer skirt for cute cropped pants!


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21 Responses to “Fashion Friday: Pink + Navy”

  1. Kristin says:

    Now I know what I’m wearing to work on Monday. Thank you!

  2. Amy says:

    Just ordered that cute scarf, thanks!

  3. those shoes….(the ones in the photograph)…i remember when they first came out. had i not been pregnant when they came out, i might have temporarily suspended common sense and bought them, but now i’m much too practical ;)

  4. Charleigh says:

    Easy breezy beautiful Erin style! Love it. And Kristen I’m jealous you can wear this to work!

  5. YES. I’ve been smitten with this photo ever since I saw it (last summer I think?) and I love your version of the outfit. I definitely agree – half of the outfits I pin or see on style blogs I would never ever wear even though I love how they look. So instead I pull inspiration from those outfits and try to interpret them in a way that works for me.

    Hope you have a great weekend, Erin!

  6. ooooh YES! to those pink pants!

  7. Dana says:

    Love your fashion posts…
    Could you do a fashion post about “rebuilding the perfect wardrobe” for Fall/Winter. Im at a point in life where I feel I need to toss some old favorites (perfect for 20 year olds) and add more sophisticated pieces. I don’t know where to start! Would love to see a “If I could start all over” fashion piece. xoxox

  8. Patricia says:

    Love the idea of “If I could start over” fashion piece. Actually that could work in just about every room of my house. I mostly love our home but if I could just take a mulligan on some of my choices along the way…

    But a closet redo column would be fabulous. Great idea Dana!

  9. Heather P. says:

    Well now I’m ready for fall to get here so I can wear stuff like this! :-)

  10. Love this color combination, I like the idea of the pinks pants instead of the skirt.

  11. Jodi says:

    Okay. The suspense is killing me. I keep checking back to see if you’ve made progress on your dining room. We have virtually the same dining room – we have grass cloth hung and lots of white trim/millwork, and an antiqued brass light fixture. We are in the process of picking out the table (will be custom), chairs, and draperies. I had some green velvet and mocked that up – too dark and heavy for our room. I noticed that your inspiration picture had lots of natural light – which our room does not. Have you more thoughts on your decisions? I’ll follow your lead. But no pressure.

  12. Sarah K. says:

    LOVE this post! I feel the exact same way about most of the “fashion inspiration” pictures I see. Thank you for translating into something totally fashion-forward yet realistic! Keep these coming!

  13. Kate says:

    Help! I adore the tasseled scarf but for some reason the “” links don’t go through… could you post the brand name? I already checked Anthro and know it’s not J. Crew… Thank you!

  14. Deanna says:

    Love your interpretation! Totally stealing this idea for fall! Happy weekend!

  15. Those Tory wedges are to die for! Love the whole look!

  16. michelle says:

    LOVE both outfits. but your version would get much more wear!

  17. Hollie says:

    Love it all! {}

  18. smash says:

    I love the navy + pink combo…so classic. I agree that look is so inspirational! Love her style!

  19. Ashley says:

    Ohhhhh… Nice picks!

  20. Franki Parde says:

    What a switch…pink on the bottom! franki

  21. Erica says:

    Kate — scarf is Modcloth.