EGD Projects: Newton Animal Hospital

Hey dears, I had to share some of the progress photos from a REALLY fun, different project I worked on this year.  We were asked to help create a new look for Newton Animal Hospital in their newly built out space on Washington Street.  I was particularly excited about this because you KNOW how nuts I am about dogs (all animals really) and although we do far fewer commercial projects than residential, I LOVE doing them!

The concept started with the client loving this grey and yellow Trina Turk outdoor fabric so I built a concept around that- utilizing a wallpaper I’ve been dying to use that could not have been more perfect- Best in Show from Osborne & Little!  We kept it modern with a hint of industrial.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 7.46.45 AM

And they are now open and this is what it looks like!  We are particularly happy with the vinyl plank flooring in a grey wash colorway that looks INCREDIBLE and is super durable for a high traffic space like this!


The bright yellow chairs are from Industry West and really add some punch! I love them! We need to add a couple bolsters to the bench and accessories here and there but all in all, I’m super happy with it! It looks like no other animal hospital I’ve seen!


Fun West Elm pendants over the check in desk….


They have a cute little boutique with dog and cat toys, accessories and food.


The art is by a UK artist Paula Zimmerman, the client told me about her and picked a few for the walls. This pug cracks me up.


For the exterior we went with a black and white scheme, installing a black and white striped awning over the door. I love me a black and white striped awning!!!


If you have pets be sure to consider them for your care- they also do mobile vet visits in your home and doggie dental cleanings without anesthesia (Ollie is going in to get this done soon, thank goodness!)

Although we are booking for next spring, be sure to let us know if you have a commercial project you need help with! :)


  1. So funny this is your work! Drove by recently and saw the wallpaper and thought –that has to be the CUTEST vet office in the world! Great work Erin!

    xx Katie

  2. So lovely! I can’t stop staring at all the dog silhouettes. The pug was the perfect wall art choice. It hardly looks like a pet hospital!

  3. Cutest vet clinic I’ve ever seen! It’s nice to see someone in medicine (albeit vet medicine) taking their offices seriously. It drives me nuts to go into a doctor’s office that is old and run down. Aesthetics are SO important, people! I bet you they will have WAY more customers with a waiting room like that than if it was boring, run of the mill. Great job, Erin! Now, if only they’d let you help them with their logo and exterior signage:)

  4. Thanks for the compliments! The shelves were from West Elm and the floor is Mannington, Mountain Pine, Weathered Grey. Visit us at

    Thanks Erin!

  5. Brilliant! I love how you merged a stylish, clean vibe with doggy elements. So many animal themed designs can be overdone, but this is fun, classic and fresh.

  6. So sweet! I love everything. Thanks for mentioning the anesthesia-free cleanings. It kills me to send my boy to the vet for a cleaning but I would feel so much better if he didn’t have to be put under!

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