Birthday Wishes

I’m 34 today. Holy hell, I can’t really believe it. How did I get to be so old so fast?? (I’m sure my mom and dad are wondering the same thing). At least along with the insult of grey hairs and age spots comes PRESENTS (and a bit o’ wisdom)…

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What I Want: A New Tan Leather Bag (Celine-ha, right or this Reed Krakoff)  As fall approaches it’s time to toss my old, nasty tan bag from many, many years past and upgrade to a new grown up one. While the Celine will likely NEVER happen in my lifetime (sob), this Reed Krakoff might if I play my cards right (i.e. work my ass off)

What I Need: Less Stuff  My purses (and all other parts of my life and house) are full of knick knacks and stuff I don’t need. A cluttered life leads to a cluttered mind.  I want to get rid of everything I don’t need- specifically the thirteen half gone lipglosses, half eaten packs of gum, 32 pens, ratty business cards of people I don’t recall meeting and the like….

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What I Want: A New (Smaller) Watch  I am OBSESSED with this vintage, rarely seen Cartier Obus Gold Watch.  I also love the Tank Anglaise Two Tone.  Or maybe even go back to a leather strap?? I’m kind of craving a switch from my big, heavy Michael Kors men’s style watch.

What I Need: More Time I feel like time is passing at such a rapid clip that I am never going to be able to catch up or enjoy a solitary moment. I have a lot to accomplish in the next 5 months, but I also want to enjoy the time too and not just fret about what needs to get done.  There never seem to be enough hours in the day, but I have to find a way to make do and take it all in.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 8.14.37 AM

What I Want: A Large David Burdeny photo for above my sofa I think this would just be breathtaking on a large scale, frameless printed on lucite panel, above my new sofa (yes, I’m getting another one)

What I Need: To Travel More  While I always want to go back to Paris, I really want to spend more time (and money) traveling abroad.  Italy. Spain. Ireland. And other parts of France (the southern coast, perhaps?) I want to get lost in a far away place.



What I Want: I New Bathrobe  Something silly I could certainly get myself but always forget to.  Black, washable (I spill a lot of coffee) and not too long or short- this Gap robe has my name written all over it.

What I Need: More Sleep I stress a lot during the day, but I stress even more at night.  I have a to do list a mile long and I add to it every night as I lay there thinking of all the OTHER things I need to do (along with things like what if I die of amysterious disease, or my dogs run away, or my hair all falls out….)  I need to take some deep breaths and let myself sleep more so I can get more done during my awake hours.

2476-DEFAULT-M Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 8.31.33 AM

What I Want: New Dishes (the Juliska Country Estate ) and Gold Flatware I want to have more options in setting my table now that I have a real house to entertain in!  I didn’t register for the china I would want now when I got married so I’d like to make up for that as a grown up!

What I Need: To Cook More I want to learn to cook more and BETTER.  Too often we take shortcuts when making dinners (i.e. ordering out or Old El Paso taco kits)  I would love to make fresher, yummy food.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 7.11.09 PM _7880244

What I Want: A Classic Burberry Trench and Perfect Vince Leather Jacket I will have both of these someday, they are complete staples and I know I’d wear them FOREVER.

What I Need: To Buy Better but Less My closet is full of craaaaaaaaap.  I have so many things, but I dislike and don’t wear at least 50% of them. It’s scary to spend a lot on one item, but I’ve proven to myself that when I do, I actually DO wear it way more and longer than the cheaper, trendier items I buy.  It’s another step towards adulthood (since I’m well into it I should get on board).

TB_22138350_224 5050_blasue_13

What I Want: New Boots I love these Tory riding boots and over the knee Stuart Weitzmans– and I need some badly.

What I Need: To Walk More  I walk enough with my dogs, but I do drive more since I moved out of the city.  I’d like to get back to taking a lot more walks (and hikes too, in the woods- just not in these boots)


What I Want: Lasers Pointed at My Face I’m so beyond a good facial at this point.

What I Need: More Self Acceptance  I’m never going to have the skin of Gwyneth.  And I am not 22 anymore.  There are so many more amazing things to spend money on then trying to fight father time.  I need to invest in things that make me happy and less stressed, as that’s the best beauty treatment out there. Plus, I still get carded sometimes so that’s an ego boost. :)


What I Want: Cake

What I Need: Cake


(Also accepted but not listed would be a baby elephant, baby goat, new roof, widened driveway, third dog, private jet and Ryan Gosling).


  1. Happy Birthday my Leo Sister!!! I am 6 days behind you 8/12. It is so interesting that I figured out you were a Leo before you revealed you birthdate. May you live as long as you want…
    And never want as long as you live….

    Be Blessed!!

  2. I love the way you did this. Not only do I DIE for all of your picks, but it is beautifully written and a great reminder of what matters. Have a VERY VERY happy birthday! Here’s to another great year! xx

  3. “with age comes wisdom” – Oscar Wilde
    Happy Birthday. My husband bought me my Cartier for my BIG 4-0! LOVE my Roadster. No regrets.

  4. Happy Birthday! And enjoy 34 because one day when you are 47, as I am, 34 won’t seem old at all! May all your wishes come true :)

  5. Happy Birthday, Erin!! I hope this year brings you much good fortune – you deserve it! I loved reading your list – and hopefully, you get a good balance of wants/needs for your birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday!

    34 is my next birthday too and I completely relate to this whole list! I love how you split into wants and needs – just what life is about.

    Here’s to lots of cake and a fabulous 34th year xx

  7. You write like I think! All of the above, please…except Ryan…people would talk. Go get em, girl!! franki

  8. Happy Birthday! I just turned 30 this year and I’m finding that I’d rather spend less money on stuff (for the same reasons you listed here) and travel more. The memories and experiences of travel are far more valuable than the money spent. Cheers to another year older!

  9. Happy Birthday! Mine is the 8th and I’m looking at the big 3-5. YIKES! Time passes so quickly which is why I like the way you wrote this post. It’s so easy to want more and more but in reality it’s usually what the advertising agencies don’t flash in our faces a hundred times a day that really matter in our lives. Have a great one.

  10. Happy Birthday a teenie bit late. I just wanted you to know how much joy your blog brings. EOS is my home page and greets me each morning with the sigh/gasp/drool/right-on-sistah combo that everyone should start their day with. Your words are poignant, pictures brilliant and perspective spot on. It is my favorite blog to share. So, here’s to you! Cheers to you and your work. Keep it coming!

  11. This is one of my favorite posts ever! In large part because I’m about your age (a little older, in fact!) and feel the exact.same.way.

    Happy birthday and enjoy. And eat cake.

  12. Other than the fact that I’m old enough to be your mother, we have pretty much the same tastes, and lots in common. In my head, I’m still your age. This may be trite, but age really is just a number! Happy Birthday!

  13. I love this list, it’s very inspiring. Totally agree about investing in things you love even though they are more expensive. IT sickens me every time I clean out my closet and everything in the giveaway pile is a cheap recent buy, the total cost of which would add up to a lovely investment piece.

  14. Your list is great! I like all the items but I’m leaning towards hoping that you get the Burberry trench…it’s such a classic! Plus, when I clicked on the Tory Burch boot link (I like those too) I get Net-a-Porter and the trench coat instead. I take that as a sign. It’s meant to be! Have a happy birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday! For being 34, you look way younger than that, and I honestly wouldn’t have guessed. Also, I never comment, but my gosh you jut have the greatest items that you pull together. Just when I think about finally starting a blog so I can post the items I’m loving, or the outfits I’m pining over for the upcoming season, you come along and just put it out there! And then, I’m like, why would I blog? She does it for me!!
    Anyway, hope you had a wonderful day and I hope that as you invest in some of the above gorgeous pieces, you’ll share them with us!

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