1. Gotta use that paneling in my son’s room. So cool. Love the sofa too, can you please provide a link? Thanks for another inspiring post!

  2. I cannot say enough good things about One Love Organics. Outstanding products that have transformed my skin. Run to get some! Also in love with Kahina Giving Beauty products. So luxurious!

  3. I would love to wake up in a room like that too! Preferably after 7 am and with no cats bugging me to get fed! If you haven’t check out my website yet I just added a whole bunch of “new” vintage pieces, some great 60’s tassel necklaces too!

  4. Yes to everything, but especially waking up in a dramatic room! It would be such a Princess Diaries, or Amanda Bynes in What A Girl Wants, moment! Every little (and big) girl’s dream!

  5. I love it!

    It’s totally not fair to just wake up once in that amazing room youre showing at the top.

    How about to say the least, one month. Or one season of your choice. It looks comfy for winter so I’ll pick that. You can have summer because it’s totally too hot for my tastes.


  6. Thank you for including us in the post, Erin! We are so thrilled to have One Love Organics introduced to your readers. Thank you too @Nora and @Emily for backing us up. We appreciate it!

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