Gimme Shelter

At the end of last week I ventured out to the Hamptons to visit a project I’m working on. It’s a bit of an adventure getting there from Boston- first te big ferry from New London then two little ferries to shuttle you across Long Island itself.  It’s a BEAUTIFUL drive and if I had the time, I would have just explored for hours and hours.  Especially little Shelter Island.  It’s a bit more quaint than some of the other parts of the Hamptons and my only experience there was waitressing one summer in college at a hotel there for three whole days before quitting and going home.  It was a bit Bates Motel and I just was beyond creeped out.  But now I’d like to go back and see more of it.  Certainly there is a lot of style out there- one spread in the new House & Home particularly piqued my interest.  So here are a bunch of images from projects all over Shelter Island…..



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Sarah Story





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Sarah Story


Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan have a big place on Shelter…. talk about cool neighbors!


Andre Balazs’ Sunset Beach is THE spot to dine, drink and stay.




As I was driving around I was getting whiplash trying to peek at all the homes- specifically the ones that had for sale signs outside. Like this one. OHMYGOD the potential!!!!! All those white beams! An outbuilding (office??)! Gaaaahhhhh!












  1. Wow! That tiled vintage nautical map wall is amazing! I’m truly inspired this morning. Thank you!

  2. Every one of these pics is dreamy but since I’m in the market for kitchen counter stools…loving the 3rd pic. Shelter island is beautiful and quiet. When you grow up on long island i think you take the east end for granted. It’s a lovely area if you know where to look. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

  3. I LOVE Jonathan Adler’s house out there (and everything he does)! That blackboard wall in the kitchen is amazing, as is the map wall in the bathroom…wow! I’m sure the place you’re working on is amazing too. Hopefully we’ll get to see it sometime soon! xo

  4. Love this post! My family has had a home on this little island for 20 years & it’s so nice to see it getting more press. JA & SD were our neighbors for 7 years & are the best people, even when our grumpy springer spaniel would walk over to their house for a play with their pup Liberace. Their new home is truly fabulous, I love it’s retro look. Sunset beach is my favorite place too, Vine Street is the best resto on the island if you ever do make it for a trip!

  5. As New Englanders living in NYC, we adore Shelter Island because it feels so New England. I think Shelter is one of NY’s best kept secrets, and so much better and more charming than the Hamptons, in my opinion! The kicker is the Nature Conservancy owns a significant percentage of the island in the form of the amazing Mashomack Preserve.

  6. So dreamy – love all of the light in all these pics! I’d love to see you get your hands on one of these… you’d do incredible things to it!

  7. These photos are stunning! How long did it take to get from Boston to the Hamptons? Never gone via ferries! That sounds fun!

  8. I must say, job well done! Everything looks neat, comfy, and stylish. I love that kitchen with a blackboard (if I’m not mistaken) wall by the door. It can be very functional if you’re like me who loves to keep my favorite recipes posted in the kitchen.

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