Fashion Friday: Ladylike Style

After spending last weekend watching Wimbledon and being on Royal Baby-Watch I have come to the decision that I’d like to take a cue from the Brits (and others like Audrey and Jackie) and dress a bit more lady-like and less “of the moment trendy”.  Now, I’ve made this proclamation before and in no way am I even considering abandoning my beloved leather pants- but I think being more conscientious about looking classic and dignified rather than “sexy” or “cool” is appropriate for someone turning 34 (ugggghhhh!)

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And who does ladylike better than Kate Middleton?

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No one, that’s who.

Here are some summertime dresses and skirts that cut a feminine silhouette without revealing TOO much femininity, if you catch my drift.


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9.


  1. I definitely agree. I love classic, simple pieces and have been trying to dress more ladylike lately, too. And as evidenced by these women, ladylike style is far from boring. Classic silhouettes can still be mixed with bright colors and even your beloved leopard print. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Erin, I love the dresses you have featured here AND that dresses are back big time!
    There were a few years were one could not find a lovely, feminine dress; so glad that has changed! Accessories can keep the dress simply pretty to elegant and alluring!

    2013 Artists Series!

  3. Wow, I kinda want all of them! I especially love #8 for summer – I’m always on the hunt for a nice white dress that isn’t too skimpy!

  4. That’s one of the bummers of edging toward your mid 30s. It seems we have to actually think about whether an outfit is “appropriate”. Classic styles never fail at any age. Love the pics.

  5. I love a classic just as much as the next girl… I live in the south and these girls do ladylike like its their full time job!! But something about wearing something that is so NOW just does it for me sometimes. It’s all part of the fun- and remember when Vogue used to do those dress for your age pages? I loved that your thirties were always high end and eclectic yet tasteful. I think Olivia Palermo does a great job here too (is she even in her thirties?) slightly cooler than Kate IMO.

  6. I think there’s room for both “classic” and “sexy/cool” in a wardrobe. Of the pictures you posted, the one that draws my eye the most is the third one – girl in all place with the killer sexy shoes! You always need a little bit of something to amp up a classic look, otherwise, I feel like classic can get boring real quick.

  7. I love the cut of the one-shoulder dress.
    Kate is perfect. I know she’s doing pretty well for herself, but I can’t help but cringe for her when I see the shots of the media horde camped out in front of the hospital on babywatch. I hope they have a secret back entrance for her!

  8. I just wanted to say that 34 is YOUNG! Don’t be in a hurry to dress old Erin. These dresses are great for thirties, but I just wanted to say that you still have many more years to rock those leather pants!

  9. I, too, at 34 felt it was time to.. Maybe grow up a little in my clothing. Now, with the next birthday being 40, I take it back. Think about how french women dress, like Ines de la Fressange (& if you haven’t read her book Parisian Chic RUN to your bookstore & get a copy) adding a dollop of sexy to classic every day. I think it’s important to do some classicdressing (like twinsets & pearls) while you’re young enough for it to be ironic & Grace Kelly, rather than “Nana” but then leave it until you’re 92. But beautiful images, and such a gorgeous look, anf your beauty is edgy classic enough to carry it off. We all need to sharpen our eye from time to time – you go girl!

  10. 34? It’s great! Enjoy it! Shouldn’t waste any energy about age, it’s as needless as worrying about weight! Honestly when you’re really old you will regret all the time you wasted in needless angst! :)

  11. I agree! You’re young, slim and beautiful. Dress as pretty/sexy/cool as you want. You’ll have to cover up more as you get older (say… 63). That saying, all the dresses you showed were lovely…

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