This/That Part Deux: Interiors vs. Fashion

You guys seemed to dig it last time I did a this or that post pairing Pinterest favorite interiors and fashion items that reflect the same style. It’s such a lovely little friendship between fashion and interior design–

Beachy striped linen chairs vs. striped linen top

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Gold and coral door detail vs. coral and gold bracelet

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A sexy black kitchen vs. a sexy little black dress (for under $35!)

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A punch of floral vs. a punch of floral :)

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A bohemian bedroom vs. a blockprint coverup


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Amazing artwork by Mallory Page vs. a watercolor print dress

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 8.18.15 AM Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 8.16.24 AM

A spikey, bad ass interior vs spikey, bad ass heels (Need. Want.)

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A fun palm leaf wallpaper vs. a palm print iPhone case.

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  1. Anniversary dinner dress, check! Just bought the LBD. Thank you for the personal shopping treat this morning! Ciao!

  2. Oh Erin…please please please….tell me where that painting is pinned? Are all of these on your pins? Couldn’t find it. PANIC!!!!


  3. Hello! Thank you for another great post. PSA: ZARA has a pair of spikey, bad ass heels that are not only a dead ringer for these Christian Laboutins, but are also on SALE for $60.00!!! xo

  4. dying over the blue striped linen chairs!
    (and the sexy black kitchen- it takes guts to put an entire tree on a kitchen island)

    love this feature!!!

  5. I love these outfit to decor inspiration posts. By the way, there is a tank top by Joie (I am sure you’ve seen it) that exactly matches the Peter Durham fig leaf pattern; when I see it, it reminds me of these posts. I feel like that tank had to have been inspired by the fabric.

  6. I love this fun series and it is so easy to see how design inspire art and art inspires fashion and vise versa! We all seek beautiful creations and everywhere we look it is there!

    Giveaway from The Enchanted Home!

  7. Beautiful post Erin!! (as always!!!!) Loooove your blog
    Where is the image from “the Spikey bad ass interior from?

  8. Hi there, I just came across your blog this morning. A fellow blogger sent me a link to you. The first photo of the blue striped chairs is actually the master bedroom sitting area, in my home. It was photographed for a feature in the June issue of Country Living. I designed those chairs with the thought that it would be unusual and interesting to use the stripe on the horizontal.

    The look might seem “beachy” but it is really intended to be more primitive and vintage inspired.
    The fabric is actually an old down mattress cover and the seats are old grain sacks.

    thanks, Kelley ; o )

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