InspirationJune 18, 2013

Stairway to Heaven

As you know by now, leopard print is my jam. Like, big time. When asked what my favorite color is I say leopard.  So when it came to carpeting our new home’s stairs I immediately knew this was my major leopard moment.

I’ve saved these images from Domino for-EVAH because I thought this was the best leopard print rug I’d ever seen. And for years I could not find it ANYWHERE.



Then I saw the editor’s picture in Real Simple and there it was again!


This was what we started with…..

IMG_2336 copy 2

And this is what went down yesterday morning!!!!!!

photo 3-9

photo 1-12

photo 2-12

GAAAHHHHHHH! I love love love love love love it. I finally found it (Glen Eden Cheetah– NOT leopard) at The Carpet Workroom in Needham who also installed it beautifully! I also decided to paint my banister high gloss black and it plays beautifully off the rug! Even Andrew loves the whole situation- and it took a lot to get him to agree to let me do this!  It helps that it is super durable and hides EVERYTHING! Bonus! I don’t even care that it’s not technically leopard. :)

It’s all starting to come together!

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