Stairway to Heaven

As you know by now, leopard print is my jam. Like, big time. When asked what my favorite color is I say leopard.  So when it came to carpeting our new home’s stairs I immediately knew this was my major leopard moment.

I’ve saved these images from Domino for-EVAH because I thought this was the best leopard print rug I’d ever seen. And for years I could not find it ANYWHERE.



Then I saw the editor’s picture in Real Simple and there it was again!


This was what we started with…..

IMG_2336 copy 2

And this is what went down yesterday morning!!!!!!

photo 3-9

photo 1-12

photo 2-12

GAAAHHHHHHH! I love love love love love love it. I finally found it (Glen Eden Cheetah– NOT leopard) at The Carpet Workroom in Needham who also installed it beautifully! I also decided to paint my banister high gloss black and it plays beautifully off the rug! Even Andrew loves the whole situation- and it took a lot to get him to agree to let me do this!  It helps that it is super durable and hides EVERYTHING! Bonus! I don’t even care that it’s not technically leopard. :)

It’s all starting to come together!


  1. OMG! I can’t even! There are no words. I LOOOOOVE it. I’m complete obsessed with leopard/cheetah print too. Ill never tire of it.

  2. LUCKY girl!!!! I’m so impressed that you were able to convince your hubs to let you do this to. What a great man. ENJOY that beautiful home of yours!

  3. Glen Eden has both the Leopard and Cheetah prints – what did you like more about the Cheetah (given your love of Leopard)?

  4. Love it Erin! Just wondering how you arrived at the decision of how wide to make the carpet on the stairs. I have a wool runner on my stairs that is about 9 years old now, but it is much more narrow. Was this carpet already cut to width? or is it “regular” sized carpet that was cut down to size per your specifications? Is the “new” way to do a runner- wider? Would love to hear your opinion. I really like how there is a small amount of tread showing..

  5. WOW. That is the most glorious stairwell I’ve ever seen. Imagine an all white/neutral house, with just that one bold statement. FABULOUS!

  6. LOVE IT!!! I am also a HUGE leopard fan. Bravo on convincing your husband.
    What color is on the walls?

  7. I could never convince my husband . but it looks great. I also notice your gallery wall. How about a post on that?

  8. there are no words for how stunning the stairs turned out! Hope you smile every time you see it because I checked your blog a few times today to look at it, again and again and again! thanks for sharing the different views. Next up: that fab gallery wall. Did you put anything at the top of the stairs? Enjoy and as always, thanks for sharing!

  9. I have clicked on this post 3 times today just to see the stairway again. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

  10. Yay! It’s gorgeous. Can you get Andrew to call my husband and tell him how much the cheetah has changed his life!

  11. The cheetah stair runner is really beautiful.
    Could I suggest a door closer on the guest bathroom door? Not too keen on looking at a toilet from the front door. (Just a small bugbear of mine!)

  12. Erin, thanks for this post! My husband and I recently bought a renovated Victorian townhouse in Cambridge and have been looking for a source to install a runner on the original staircase. The Carpet Workroom sounds like a great option!

    Your stairs look great!

  13. Love way to go! I was wondering if you have posts or could post about large entry foyers and what to do with that massive 2 story bare walls…and what to do up the stairs walls.

  14. Everytime I look at that picture on the editor’s page of real simple, I have to stare and repeat to myself, one day Emily, one day….

  15. It is beyond beautiful! Just fantastic! I want to see more pictures. I think it is my most fav thing in your house.

  16. Ahhhhh, to die for! I bet you have been spending all your spare time just hanging out in the stairs… I know I would!!!

  17. Erin, I am absolutely in LOVE with your magnificent stairs….WOW WOW WOW!!! I am decidedly jealous that I live on only one floor but maybe one day….it looks incredible and I can only imagine how it feels to walk down those stairs each day with a huge grin on your face…enjoy them!
    Now you seriously need to host a cocktail party on the stairs….they are that glamorous!!!!
    Jules, Dubai

  18. I Love The Love, Make Love Make You Happy.
    Do you feel called to love?
    Either simply in love with the brother sister mother father grandparents uncles aunts neighbors..
    Love makes us giddy, what ya mean? :)

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