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Making Your Guest Room Hotel-Like


With summer comes GUESTS and I for one am typically an unprepared guest. It’s inevitable that I’ve either forgotten my toothbrush or been cleaned out of products by TSA due to absentminded carry-on packing.  So I very much appreciate a well stocked guest room.  It’s nice to offer your guests a space of their own that is complete with every little thing they might need without having to ask for it.


It’s not hard to set up an impressive guest room- comfy sheets, space for luggage and good lighting.  In addition, setting up a little basket or tray of goodies and useful items that your guests may have forgotten or need makes a HUGELY good impression.  Here are my must haves for a guest room- travel sized items feel individual and special and can be picked up at Sephora, a drugstore or swiped from a hotel room! I have a drawer full of fancy travel size shampoos and lotions I like to set out for guests!


1. Hair elastics 2.Travel size of my fave facewash 3. Travel size body lotion 4. I feel like a jerk getting mascara on guest towels- place a black makeup towel with a fresh bath towel for them 5. An interesting read 6. I love these adorable kits for sleep trouble, headaches and cuts 7. Mini shaving cream for him or her 8. A razor (also for him or her) 9. A fancy travel size toothpaste 10. Great shampoo and conditioner 11. Mini Tide stick 12. Disposable wooden tootbrushes labeled “guest” 13. Travel dry shampoo and hairspray 14. Sewing kit with safety pin and button 15. Tiny bottle of Crease Release spray for wrinkled clothes 16. Travel candle in a clean scent 17. Mini relaxation balm for unwinding after stressful travel 18. A welcome gift like these tiny chocolate mice with silk tails 19. A big tray to keep everything on (easy to hide under the bed when guests are not coming!) 20. Nail scissors 21. A carafe filled with ice water (add lemon and fresh mint to take it over the top).

Another really nice offering is a mini Keurig on the dresser and coffee, tea and mugs so that they can make a fresh cup of coffee in the morning without having to get dressed and bother you for it (or a lesson in how to use whatever machine you have).  A happy guest is a good guest!


1. Assortment of sweetners and individual creamers  2. Mini- Keurig  3. Mugs  4. Coffee pods  5. Assorted teas


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