Father’s Day Goldmine!

Perhaps you are like me and find Father’s Day to be one of the hardest holidays to shop for!  My dad is especially hard because he’s the unique combination of dynamic designer and typical dad. The guy can appreciate a good floral fabric but also likes his tractors. :) Now, I think I got a good gift this year (can’t post here because he reads this) but I did come across what may be the BEST source for father’s day gifts ever! Kaufmann Mercantile has this perfectly curated selection of GORGEOUS guy items- from a handmade leather football to North Carolina peanuts!  I love the way the site is designed, so clean and simple, but also the way they showcase the beauty of well made products.

Here are some items I thought might make good gifts for Dad (it’s next Sunday, in case you are finding time to be moving at warp speed like me). Also be sure to bookmark it for birthday/ holiday gifts for any guy in your life!


1. Leather wrapped hammer 2. handmade football 3. leather catchall 4. classic rope swing (for the big kid in him) 5. manly soap 6. whiskey aftershave 7. north carolina peanuts 8.leather camera strap 9. leather bike seat 10.pewter cocktail shaker 11. small batch tonic 12. pewter and crystal highball glasses 13. hot sauce  14. skinny ties


  1. I totally agree, I have the hardest time shopping for my Dad. He has been known to return gifts that I have given him because he doesn’t have a use for them! Thanks for the great guide, I want that leather camera strap for myself….

  2. Father’s Day is usally a tricky one to shop for! Thanks for these great ideas :) I am hoping I still have time to make him a personalized calendar for his desk.

  3. Thanks for the ideas Erin! They are so hard to buy for. I think I am going with the hot sauce. (I hate it, he loves it–totally selfless gift) Please share next week what you bought your dad.

  4. My late father was so hard to buy for. No matter what I gave him, he’d say, “Why the hell did you waste your money on THAT?!”

  5. Yes! I love Kaufmann Mercantile. They are my go-to for manly product round up posts on my own blog. They also have a fab Pinterest page and great customer service.

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