The Coolest Bathroom EVER

…and it’s not even done yet.  If you want to lose an hour or two of your life then click on over to Gianetti Design’s blog to follow the progress of their truly UNBELIEVABLE new home Patina Farm.  It both inspires immensely and makes you feel really, really poor. At least that’s what it does to me.

I’ve been lurking on their site for years but this bathroom just knocked my socks off. I mean, LOOK at this shower/tub situation!


I can’t….even….



WHY did I not do unlacquered brass everywhere? Now we know what my master bath fixtures will look like at least….

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The sketch so you can see the overall plan.  I might feel a BIT vulnerable in a shower like that but then I’d do an unflattering shower cartwheel because LOOK AT THAT THING.


Not to mention the other details of the house like all the iron framed doors and windows like this one in the kitchen….oh and do you even see that stove? That stove is probably more than my car. And I have a nice car. I feel I should bow down in front of it.

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All the vintage door and beams? yeah, no biggie, right?


This is the “chicken coop kitchen”. Yup. First time in my life I have ever wished I was a chicken.


The guest house is just icing on this insane cake.


And the view of Ojai, California.  Oh the view.




  1. Lol, you’re absolutely right it does make me feel really poor, but I love that house. It has certainly inspired me, especially the color palette.

  2. DANG! Thanks for sharing! We are in the early planning stages of our kitchen and master bath reno and while I probably can’t afford most of what they got goin on, their home sure is inspiring.

  3. I clicked to the blog and read the comment about installing a 5-ft. hedge to afford privacy without obstructing Steve’s view of the pond. Who the F. is Steve and will he marry me?

  4. Not only is that stove probably more than your car, but it looks to be about as big as a car, too!

    That shower would make me nervous. It’d be glorious in the morning, but a little scary at night!

  5. In Awe…Speechless…but your “chicken” comment will have me cracking up all day!

  6. I know, I feel the same way reading her blog! I am so in love with that house and in awe if their talent….and then I start trying to run the numbers on what a shak like that costs! My husband, God bless him, is like, “why would they spend all that money to have it come out looking all old and worn?” Bless his heart. I just love Patina Farm!!

  7. I’m torn. On one hand, so beautiful, and intent is to last and be timeless. Beautiful finishes like this, while high on upfront cost and against my cheapo nature, do result in higher resale down the road. On the other hand, the impracticalities drive me a little nuts for that price point — marble counters? Marble by the stove (where grease can/will get all over and irreparably stain it)? Aside from the fact that I could not deal with showering so ‘exposed’, the fact that those gorgeous glass shower walls will require constant cleaning, inside and out, to prevent spotting/soap buildup, etc.? I have a glass steam shower so know whereof I speak; we’re obsessive about our one wall of fancy-pants water-resisting glass and it’s still an issue. And I cannot understand the current trend of giving chickens high-end habitation. I grew up having chickens and they are like stinky feathered devils that cover everything in poop. Someone explain this? But … so puuuurdy ….

  8. The details of this bathroom… that sketch. I kind of want to just give up on life right now. It’s so amazing. And the Ojai view gahhh!!

  9. Took a quick peek at their website & it is insane!! Did make me feel good that I used a variation on those Circa Library lights (from Steve’s office) in my humble new laundry room. :) I would love to know how much those trees cost!!!! (Tacky but true.)

    Oh, and I loved your Gwyneth post last week. I am 2 degrees of Kevin Bacon from her (a younger sorority sister of mine was Gwyneth’s self-proclaimed childhood “bestie” — per Gwyneth herself in a back issue of Goop) & I have always loved her for that and much more!

  10. I have been following Brooke for a long time now and this is one of only 1000’s of amazing things in this house of hers.
    Do you notice in the glass behind the shower head is a window?? Seriously a window in a sheet of glass so you can have fresh air when you shower. These people think of everything. Oh yeah and the rooms are pool plaster…who would have ever thought of that? I know if i ever do another house my bathroom will be pool plaster.

  11. Mother of god!!!!! You are right…so cool. I guess it’s a pretty secluded house, but I’d be a little nervous showering in front of a wall of glass. But who cares…I’d have the coolest bathroom ever!!!

  12. the trees!!! i saw them on her instagram feed & made a comment about how much they must’ve cost ( yeah,yeah, how vulgar of me). brooke was very polite and joked that at her age she needed trees to be big – she couldn’t wait for them to grow. i have to admit if i had the cash i’d buy as big as i could too.

    have you seen the pics of the pond?? looking back to the house? magnificent.


  13. Melissa, thanks for the heads up, girlfriend. I didn’t realize Steve is her husband.

    So, yes, very hot but off limits. Still, it definitely would not suck to shower with Steve on the other side of that hedge.

  14. I have been following Brooke’s blog for quite some time and have really enjoyed watching this dream come true for them. I would even be willing to stay in the adorable guest house and I cant wait to see what the chicken coop is going to look like!!

  15. @Tracy: I’m in the minority here, but I’m with you. It’s beautiful. But very high-maintenance. I like pretty things and I like creating a pretty house around me BUT it must be fuss-free. Nothing that’s hard to dust, collects fingerprints, easily stains, etc.

  16. Great commentary and comments! “Velvet and Linen” was the first blog I followed and I’ve been hooked ever since. Really, it should be a tv series…Patina Perfect! Also a HUGE fan of unlacqured brass. franki

  17. You simply can’t go wrong with money, good taste, and Ojai! (Although I agree with the cleaning/practicality viewpoint, I would venture to guess that if you have that kind of money, you have the staff to keep it clean for you!)

    Thanks for sharing this beauty!

  18. Beyond gorgeous! I used to follow her blog, but stopped b/c I felt it was all too much the same & over the top (which I don’t mind!), but it all always looked the same to me and completely unattainable. I didn’t realize they were building in Ojai (beyond, beyond gorgeous). I live in San Diego & Ojai and Santa Barbara are my favorite places to visit. I am going to start following again. Thanks for positing!!

  19. Hi Erin.

    Wow… Thank you so much for for writing such a wonderful post about our house.
    It was so much fun reading the comments.

    Steve and I got quite the giggle from Kathleen and Melissa’s comments :)



  20. Hi again! I wanted to come back by and tell you thanks again for posting this blog on Patina Farm. Once I clicked over I was in awe of everything. I was especially taken with the landscaping post. We recently lost a tree (a very mature one) that really solidified the front of our home and property. My husband and I have been looking for a tree to put in it’s place and after seeing Brooke’s post on lining a country road – I found our tree, a sycamore! I am not sure if we can grow it along the coast, but perhaps a varietal of it? I even pinned some of the images. So beautiful. Anyway, thanks again for always posing such inspirational images on your blog. P.S. Hi, Brooke, thank you for sharing your beautiful home!!

  21. @Melissa, so love your husband (“why would they spend all that money to have it come out looking all old and worn?”). Bless his heart is right!

    Re: the various thoughts on practicality: I think at this price point, practicality isn’t a concern. They’re putting up a private hedge so that there’s privacy in the shower (problem solved, I think, though I myself might not want to see any critters that might pop up behind the hedge). As for the massive amounts of glass to clean, good point, but I’m guessing they have a housekeeper or three who comes a couple times a week and will keep it spanking clean. Definitely an example, though, of how you have to be able to afford maintenance (including whatever cleaning services that you may require), otherwise you can’t afford the house.

  22. Clearly so VERY pretty but I can’t help wonder if birds will be flying into that glass! The building I work in is all glass and get’s pelted by birds all the live long day! It’s a horrible sound and even worse to see them outside and hurt or dazed.

  23. Truly gorgeous! I have loved catching all of Brooke & Steve’s updates and can’t wait to see their home when it is all finished. Thanks for sharing!

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