Fashion Friday: Stripe Addiction.

I was out shopping last weekend and came to the conclusion that if you put something striped before me, I will buy it. It’s a scientific fact, as consistent and true as the law of gravity. It’s just such love affair for me-in interiors as well as clothing. Give me jeans and  a striped shirt and I will feel good or a striped rug and I can build a room around it.  I may need a bit of a 12 step program for my addiction though- every time I come back from a shopping trip bags in hand Andrew’s all “Let me guess- a striped shirt.” And 99% of the time he’s right.I feel like this hold true for most women! Am I right???


This is kind of what it looks like when friends and I go shopping.


All I need. Plus some jeans.




Current stripey faves:


1. (monogrammed striped shirt? AMAZE.) // 2. // 3. (also monogrammed! GAH!) // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9.

 10. // 11. // 12. // 13.


  1. i’m something of a stripe addict myself … but why don’t they make vertical stripe t shirts for those of us not 5′ 8″ and above? I’d love to have my favorite stripes actually make me look taller, not wider.

  2. Your “striped drug” typo made me look twice given you were talking about addiction: “or give me a good stripe drug…” hehe — I share your other pattern addiction: leopard print :)

  3. HA – my husband gives me the same line when I come back from shopping. My closet is mostly stripes of all sizes and colors. It’s probably the only trend I haven’t grown out of after a few years…

  4. After buying a striped bandeau swimsuit, a new striped blazer, a striped bateau neck top, a Breton tee sewing pattern, to be made with stashed striped fabric, a favorite bike catalog has a new striped summer jersey. I nearly fell off my chair upon seeing it. I could add strpes to every part of my life!

  5. YES! You are right – I want everything in stripes. They’re so versatile and instantly make me feel more put together. One of the differences my husband and I had when registering for wedding gifts was that I wanted some Pottery Barn striped towels, and he said he just liked solid towels and that he wasn’t a fan of striped towels. gasp!! I mean does the man really care if the towel he’s drying off with is striped or solid?! Needless to say we ended up with some striped towels and solid towels. hah

  6. Ha! That is exactly how I feel as well…wearing my striped pajama bottoms as I type! In fact I’ve found that I have been forcing my addiction on my 8 year old daughter and she is starting to rebel saying she wants those horrendous t shirts with graphics!!!

  7. Forever 21 has a knock-off of the Jcrew striped flats. At least they did a couple of weeks ago. Love stripes. I have to hold myself back!

  8. i am obsessed with stripes. it makes up so much of my wardrobe and my boyfriend just ordered me a stripe rug for our anniversary. and i have the stripe cap toe flats from jcrew! so cute!

  9. I actually have a “striped-shirt drawer” in my bureau. I would love to find a striped shirt for my one-year-old niece, but haven’t come across any. Has anyone else seen one anywhere?

  10. As you would say, Stripes are my jam! :D I’m sitting here wearing a striped T-shirt and it’s not the first one I have worn this week! I am not big into prints so I think I gravitate toward stripes since they go so well with all my solids…plus, even though I may be kidding myself, I feel like they enhance rather than overwhelm my looks!

  11. Erin, if you had to pick just one, what is your favorite striped shirt?

    I have a similar problem. One week I wore something striped every day. Cannot resist. Especially navy/white.

  12. I’m the striped queen. A friend at work always says I look like I’m a prisoner and I explain it’s nautical and french but she doesn’t get it. c’est la vie!

  13. You and me both, I have worn stripes for years, in fact probably even before you were born. If yo look in my closet you will see multiple stripes in navy, black, green, blue, can’t go wrong with a stripe and the same with a black and white striped rug, I just redid my family room and it has a black and white striped rug and a blue ticking striped sofa as its’ base. Love a good stripe!

  14. I feel like we are often on the same page, style/design-wise (well, this would be a big compliment to me). I only recently discovered your blog and simultaneously spotted your design work featured in an interiors magazine…..JUST posted today a little tribute to nautical fun on my blog……some of the same striped items! Thanks for the fun post!

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  16. I have wide stripes in every room of my house! top that! HAve a serious addiction with stripes. love them and leave a stripe in my wake when I am done a clients house…

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